How to block the keyboard on a laptop and PC (or disable it temporarily) // ways

Keypad lock!Salvation.

Today on the agenda is a relatively simple (and not quite acute) question, but at the same time, a “vital” question:

“Is it possible to leave a child for a few minutes near a computer with cartoons so that he does not have time to press anything?

Or is it possible to brush crumbs and dust from the keyboard so as not to accidentally press something wrong..? (Of course, without turning off the working PC)”.


Can! If you block (or turn off) the keyboard for a while!

Luckily, this isn’t hard to do on both desktop computers and laptops. I will give below. options to solve the problem.


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“Lock” the keyboard // temporarily

Option 1

The first and easiest way to quickly “lock” the PC itself as well as the keyboard and mouse is to press the key combination Win+L (as a result, an account blocking window will appear: until the correct code is entered, access to the desktop and programs will not be provided!).

See screenshot below.👇

📌Note: if you do not have a password in your account, you can set it according to this instruction (everything is simple there).

Win + L - keyboard shortcut

Win + L – keyboard shortcut to lock an account

In my opinion, this is a good way in cases where you don’t need to look at something on the screen while locking the keyboard/mouse. Say, to remove crumbs from the surface of the keys (and between them) – this is quite a good option … 😉

📌 To help!

How to clean your computer from dust. Cleaning the monitor, CPU, keyboard


Option 2

Many modern keyboards and mice have change “Enabled || Disabled”, just for such a case… Just switch the position to “Off” mode and the device does not work, it is deactivated! 👌 (although this mainly applies to wireless devices).

Switch off the keyboard (Off mode)

Switch off the keyboard (Off mode)


Variant 3

For our task there is a small utility (does not require installation!) — 📌BlueLife KeyFreeze (link to official website). What is remarkable: just launch it and press a single key combination – and the task is done: the keyboard and mouse will stop responding to button presses (although the mouse cursor “crosses” the screen !) !

To note: to extract the archive with the program, you may need archivers.

The Key Freeze utility is enough just to extract from the archive

The Key Freeze utility is enough just to extract from the archive

After launching BlueLife KeyFreeze, a utility icon with a padlock will appear in the tray (next to the clock), and a message with the valuable key combination: Ctrl+Alt+F (this is what locks/unlocks the mouse and keyboard). See example below. 👇

Ctrl+Alt+F - default hotkey

Ctrl+Alt+F – default hotkey

By the way, in the program options there is a choice: to block both the mouse and the keyboard, or one thing. Handy in some cases!

Utility Settings

Utility Settings


Option 4 (disable)

As another option: you can connect a keyboard, mouse, joysticks, etc. devices and manipulators via an adapter (splitter), with the ability to quickly disable either USB port.

There are many such splitters on AliExpress. 📌 Here is one

USB hub with the ability to turn off.  each port separately

USB hub with the ability to turn off. each port separately

This can be very handy in cases where you often need to disable something, and “climbing” to the back of the PC and doing it manually is very tiring… 😥


I think that the proposed options are sufficient! I’m rounding on that…

All success!


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