How to buy on Aliexpress cheaper for dollars. So everyone can!

After Russian MasterCard and Visa cards stopped working abroad and in foreign online stores, many decided that they could no longer buy on aliexpress. Then we immediately reassured everyone that there would be no problem making payments no matter which card you pay with. At least MasterCard, at least Visa, at least the world – the transaction will go through in any case, since Russian, and not foreign, payment operators are responsible for processing. However, for many, simply maintaining access to Ali was not enough. They would also like to buy goods there at a discount from the base prices. However, there is also such a possibility.


If you pay on Aliexpress in dollars, shopping will be cheaper


If you recall, the key condition for pay for purchases on AliExpress with a card The Russian bank is a payment in rubles. Only this guarantees that the transaction will be processed in Russia and will go to its destination. The fact is that foreign payment systems are responsible for processing dollars, which no longer work with Russian bank cards.

How to Get a Discount on Aliexpress

However, who cares? After all, what could be more convenient than paying for shopping on Aliexpress in rubles, rather than converting one currency to another, especially when the rate occasionally jumps one way or the other. But it is the foreign exchange transactions that can save you a lot by driving down the price due to exchange rate fluctuations.

On the left – the price in rubles, on the right – in dollars. And now convert the price from dollars to rubles with a discount coupon

To begin, I will give you some illustrative examples in pairs. These are the same goods, only the price of one of them is immediately converted into rubles for convenience, and for the other it is given in dollars.

  • Intel Core i5-11400F processor: when paying in rubles – 14,064 rubles, when paying in dollars (at the exchange rate) – 12,313 rubles;
  • Sony wired headphones: when paying in rubles – 324 rubles, when paying in dollars (at the exchange rate) – 318 rubles;
  • Anker Motion + column: when paying in rubles – 8472 rubles (with a coupon), when paying in dollars (at the exchange rate) – 7942 rubles;
  • Samsung 1TB memory: when paid in rubles – 13,084 rubles, when paid in dollars (at the exchange rate) – 12,265 rubles.


As you can see, there really is a difference, and the higher the price, the bigger the boost. In addition, at different times the course may differ. It is generally lower during the day and higher in the evening. For this reason, do shopping on aliexpress in dollars after dinner is not as profitable as in the morning. Therefore, if you buy something expensive and see that it is already evening, it is better to add the product to the shopping cart and wait for the morning. If the product is not purchased, you can save a lot.

Another question – how to pay on aliexpress in dollars, after all, processing is allowed only in rubles? In fact not only. This restriction only applies to MasterCard and Visa credit cards. But if you want pay to Ali from your QIWI account, payment can be made in dollars. I don’t know how long this shop will be open, but so far there is no talk of closing it, which means you can take advantage of this opportunity and even save a little money.

How to pay in AliExpress with dollars

Begin register an account in QIWIif you haven’t done so yet:

  • Follow this link to the website;
  • In the upper corner, click on “Create wallet”;
  • Enter your phone number and click “Continue”;

To take advantage of all the privileges of QIWI, you must confirm your account on the State Services

  • Confirm registration and fill in passport data or log in to your account on state services;
  • Replenish the wallet from the phone, from the card or through the terminal;
  • Transfer rubles to a QIWI dollar account for payment.

Now we need change aliexpress to pay in dollars. This is simply done:

  • Open the desired product page on Ali;
  • Log in (this sometimes lowers the price);
  • Add item to cart and grab coupons (if applicable);

Change the currency in the cart and pay in dollars

  • In the cart, open the shipping settings tab at the top;
  • Select US dollar (USD) then QIWI for payment;
  • At the payment stage, in the QIWI widget, select a dollar account so that the payment can be made from it.


You don’t need to get a dollar card for this. The rubles you transferred to your dollar account will be used for payment. The main thing – do not forget to choose exactly the dollar account, and not the ruble account at the order stage. Discover, at what rate does QIWI convert rubles to dollarsyou can follow this link. All relevant information is collected here. Yes, QIWI exchange rate not the most profitable. But even taking this into account, the price when paying in dollars on Aliexpress will still be lower for you than if you paid directly in rubles.

Is it always buy in dollars on Ali will be more profitable than in rubles? Yes always. But there is one condition: the exchange rate. If at some point QIWI starts converting rubles into dollars at a rate 10-15% higher than in banks, then the profit will begin to melt before our eyes. If at the time of publication the difference with bank quotes is only 1.5-2 rubles, then it is quite possible that after a while, when the service realizes that too many transactions in dollars have been made through it, the rate will increase.