How to choose a good playlist? Try a new feature in VK Music

VK Music service was launched not so long ago, but users have already liked it: a user-friendly interface, integration with a VK account, transfer of a media library from other platforms. forms – everything is fine in the Russian streaming service. But the problem with any music app is finding good music. It is possible, for example, enable VK mix – an analogue of “My Wave” in Yandex.Music, but not everyone has enough time to listen to endless radio. The other day VK Music app acquired a new function with which you can search not for tracks, but for entire playlists. We checked how the new algorithms work and how accurately they select music.

Understand how the new VK Music feature works

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Update VK Music

The service launched a new recommendation algorithm called “Listen to each other– you can now receive playlists from listeners with similar tastes. The app studies your preferences and takes into account thousands of different factors to find exactly what you like: it is said that during the experiment, the audience of the playlists increased by almost a third. By the way, the new feature should not be confused with VK mixing – in “Listen to each other” you get exactly playlists, and not endless music playback.

VK Music received a new feature for selecting playlists

The publicly available playlists come from other users and communities and users with similar music tastes, and there are, at the moment, more than 100 million on VK Music. It’s also worth noting that the selection is updated daily, not once a week: new tracks appear there, as well as songs from your favorite genres, and artists cannot list everything. This is not only an interesting innovation for listeners, but also a good opportunity for playlist creators to expand their audience.

This is what the new way to search for music on VKontakte looks like

If we compare the new feature, then it resembles “Today’s Playlist” and “Cache” in Yandex.Music – in the first case, the selection consists of songs that you have already liked, artists or genres that you like, and in the second, songs that you haven’t listened to for a long time are collected. By the way, “Listen to each other” is also reminiscent of Yandex’s “Deja Vu” selection: the algorithm offers a list of tracks that are not in your library – there are new and old ones, but there is always something to add. All three VK Music collections are updated dailybut they are very limited compared to “Listen to yourself”.

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How to search for music in VK

You don’t have to go far to try out a new feature. Just opened VK Music app and you will see the “Listen to Yourself” tab. Before using the function, be sure to look in your library and remove what you added by mistake or “just like that”: because of Grigory Leps songs in your library, playlists with compositions likes may appear in the selection instead of, say, Armin Van Buren or David Guetta.

This is what the Reading List page looks like. You can add a collection to yourself to receive updates

Next to the playlist, the name of the author and the percentage of corresponding preferences are displayed. By clicking on the options, you can add yourself a playlist, “shuffle” it, download tracks for offline listening, or go to the playlist author’s VK Music page, where you’ll see all his collections, top tracks and artists. From there, by the way, you can click “Share”. By the way, at the bottom of the playlist itself, the date of the last update and even a list of fans from which you can also listen to the added music are displayed.

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How to find similar music in VK

Listen to Each Other has a limited number of playlists – they are updated daily. In the list, they are sorted by match percentage, but this number is not always accurate. Again, we’ll make allowances for algorithms that still don’t know what your wishes are right now. For example, a playlist with a 96% match may not be as interesting as a playlist with an 85% match.

You may also like playlists that have lower compatibility

Playlists, by the way, contain a different number of tracks – I’ve come across lists of 30 to 100 songs. There are even collections with over 200 or more tracks. Certainly, the pieces of “Listen to each other” can be repeated and even cross with the ones you already have. For example, out of 100 songs from the first playlist I came across, I already have about half of them, I’ve definitely heard 10-15 more, but I haven’t added them.

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However, after studying the playlists in “Listen to each other”, I added more than 20 songs that I had not heard before: there are new artists, those that I like, and remixes. True, for this I had to study about 5 playlists with different percentages of coincidence. In the work of the new function, the frequency with which you add tracks to your library is also important: I myself rarely go to VKontakte, which is probably why there are so many repetitions in the collections.

Search music on VKontakte has become easier. Have you ever rated “Do you listen to each other” in VK Music?