How to configure a Dual SIM mobile to have the professional and personal number in a single device

Setting up both lines on a dual SIM phone is a very simple process. We tell you how to do it right.

In the market we can find a large number of dual SIM devices at a really attractive price. These types of phones with slots for two cards, They are the ideal solution for professionals.

A separate line is usually used for business matters, and thanks to dual SIM phones, no need to carry two devices, one for personal business and another for work, above.

Setting up a phone with these specs is no mystery, so we’ll walk you through a series of considerations so you can have both lines on your phone in minutes.

If you usually make the wrong hole when removing the SIM card, you need to watch this video

Dual SIM phones, need?

As we mentioned, Android offers dual SIM phones at really attractive prices. For example, from €90 you have a smartphone that will allow you to do almost everything and that has two slots for two different SIM cards.

But, of course, investing in a phone with these specs will require some prior analysis. What type of device do we need? What is our budget?

In fact, these devices are still a Significant cost and maintenance savings. Carrying two different phones with you is always a nuisance, and we can often make mistakes. That is, using the personal phone to call a customer or vice versa.

And not only that, it means having to constantly monitor the state of the load. All of that goes away when we have a dual SIM phone that does its job, combining two devices in one. There is nothing better than simplifying these kinds of problems.

How to set up a dual SIM phone

Operating a dual SIM phone couldn’t be easier. You will only have to insert each card in each of the slots activated for this purpose. Both slots are usually numbered with the numbers 1 and 2.

It may have only one slot and the other SIM card is electronic, i.e. e-SIM. This is what happens with the iPhone, which has offered this possibility since 2018. To use an e-SIM, you must take into account that your operator offers it, because not all of them do. These electronic cards are generally activated by means of a QR code which will be provided by the operator.

In Spain, the following virtual cards are offered:

  • Movistar
  • Orange
  • Vodafone
  • Yoigo
  • O2
  • truphone
  • Pepephone

In case your phone has 2 physical slots you won’t have to worry, any operator or virtual mobile operator will provide you with the card you need.

Once you have inserted both cards and entered the PIN correctly, you will see duplicate network signals on your device. When you access the phone menu to make a call, you can choose which number to make it with.

Generally and beforehand you will have to name each line with a name. The usual thing is that the personal is called that and the other is called Business or Work. Therefore you will only have to go to the call menu, choose the line, and make the call. So simple and without any complications.

What other advantage will I find?

For example, that you can download your messaging apps to your device and give them the use you need. With your personal line you will use WhatsApp and with the work line WhatsApp Business. The latter has a large number of actions aimed at the world of business and work, so you will have a wide range of possibilities if you work in this way.

Telegram is another of the main messaging applications, but in this case we do not find a particular application and another of a professional type.

From the only existing Telegram application, you can configure more than one line, which will create two different profiles and you can use Telegram for both private and professional use. Remember that this application has many features that WhatsApp has not yet implemented. Moreover, more and more people are using this application of Russian origin.

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Many people take advantage of this to use SIM cards from different operators. This has an additional advantage, since we guarantee that we will always have a line. Those freelancers who work as travelers know that there are places where a carrier’s coverage isn’t exactly good.

With a phone of these characteristics, they can use one line or another. If you’re a homeowner using a two-line phone, you know you’ll always be covered in situations that may involve certain types of risk. We are talking about high mountain or hiking activities.

Dual SIM phones are a real incentive when it comes to work. Accounts with a wide price range and a a lot of advantages as you have been able to verify. Moreover, the fact that Apple has also implemented this feature since 2018 is always an added value. Something good that the Cupertino company has copied from its rivals that run on Android.

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