How to configure an automatic VPN connection at application launch

Recently, VPN services are gaining popularity in Russia. This is especially noticeable in the App Store, where the top rows of the top rankings are occupied not by entertainment apps, but by virtual private networks. However, they all have one problem – they are extremely inconvenient to use. Whenever you need to open the VPN, then press the button to connect to the server and then access the desired application. Now, if it were possible to set up an automatic connection, that would be cool, right? And yes, there is such a possibility! Admittedly, there are many nuances in such VPN use.

Here’s how to set up an automatic VPN connection on iPhone.

While using VPN services, these apps have acquired many myths and legends. Some argue that using VPN clients is illegal. Others say that VPN drains smartphone batterythird – what will soon block all VPN services. Do not rush to take people’s word for it and verify all information personally.


Which VPN is better to download

Not so long ago, we made a cool selection for you with the best VPN services for iPhone. All apps have been personally tested by us and are perfect for everyday use. However, for VPN auto-activation settings they will not suit us.

The thing is, we’ll be using the Teams app to automate the VPN, and it’s important for the VPN service to support working with them. Currently, the most popular client with this feature is AdGuard.

You can download it absolutely for free, although there are traffic restrictions. Reviews say that only 3GB is offered for free. I downloaded it myself and saw the inscription 13 GB. Check it out for yourself, unsubscribe in the comments. But even though only 3GB is offered for free, no one is forbidding you to download a second VPN, right?

Download AdGuard VPN

How to Set Up a VPN on iPhone

To configure AdGuard VPN for work, you must:

  • Open AdGuard on your smartphone.
  • Read the terms of the agreement and click Accept and continue.
  • Connect to the app conveniently for you.
  • Read the subscription conditions, click on the cross in the upper right corner.
  • Then you need to click on the button Insert and press To permitto add the VPN client to the configuration profile.

AdGuard VPN is a cool VPN with rich features.

How to Set Up VPN Autorun on iPhone

After downloading AdGuard VPN, you need to configure automatic VPN activation. To do this, follow the simple instructions:

  • Download the Teams app from the App Store using this link.
  • Then open Teamsgo to tab Automating.
  • Go to the Automation tab in the bottom panel.

  • Click on the button Create automation for yourselfscroll down a bit and select the item appendix.
  • Then check the box next to OpenClick on the button To select next to the dot appendix.
  • Enter in the search the name of the application, when you open which you want to automatically open the VPN, click on Readythen Further away.
  • Don’t forget to specify the application for which you want to set up the automation.

  • After that, click on the button Add actionsearch for AdGuard, select it.
  • Click on Configure a VPN connectionthen Further away.
  • Find the application in the search, click Next.

  • Switch off rocker switch in front of the element Ask before launchfaucet Ready.
  • Turn off the toggle switch next to Ask Before Launch.

Then you have to configure automatic VPN shutdown when closing the application. This is also done via the commands:

  • Open the app Teams on iPhone, go to the tab Automating.
  • Go to the Automation section.

  • Then click on the icon More in the upper right corner, click Create automation for yourself.
  • Click the Plus icon, Create Automation.

  • Scroll down, click button appendix.
  • Then check the box next to FirmClick on the button To select next to the dot appendix.
  • Select Application, Closed.

  • Enter in the search the name of the application, when you open which you want to automatically open the VPN, click on Done, then on Next.
  • Click Add Action, find AdGuard, select it, click Configure a VPN connection.
  • Tap on the Activate inscription in the top menu so that it says Disable VPN connectionClick on Further away.
  • Turn off the toggle switch in front of the item Ask before launchClick on Ready.
  • Be sure to turn off the toggle switch next to Ask Before Launch!

There you have it, now whenever you open a particular app on your smartphone, the VPN will activate automatically. The chip is extremely useful, I think many will come in handy. I have no complaints about AdGuard itself. Speeds are good, there were no unexpected stops during use. Enjoy!

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I tried downloading a variety of VPNs. But, alas, found nothing. No VPN client can run in the background. At the same time, I’m sure there are still some in the vastness of the App Store. Maybe, you know? Be sure to give your opinion in our Telegram chat or in the comments below. Let’s help each other!