How to Connect Android Phone/Tablet to Windows Local Area Network (LAN) and View Shared Files on Computer Disk

Open folders on your computer from your phone

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Hello, Alexander.

Tell me if you can somehow connect to a computer via LAN from a tablet and view some folders. It would be convenient: watching a movie, taking pictures, sending something, etc. I have a bunch of stuff on my PC, less than 10TB!

PS The tablet is the most common, Samsung Galaxy Tab on Android, the computer runs Windows 10.

Thank you.


Yes, it’s possible to do (and not very difficult // once you’ve got everything set up – you can use it for years). I will build a note below in the form of step-by-step actions – it is recommended to repeat in the same order.


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From the phone, open folders on a computer / laptop through a local network


To get started, create one important note: Computer and phone must be connected to the same Wi-Fi router // i.e. be on the same local network! 👇 (the connection is not necessarily made by wire, it is also possible via Wi-Fi)

There is no need to enter any specific settings in the router itself, so I’m not stopping at this simulation and moving on to the next step…

Wi-Fi router LAN cable

Wi-Fi router LAN cable



Let’s go directly to the configuration of the computer. I will assume that Windows 10/11 is installed.

open Properties (right mouse button on folder) This folderthat you want to share (free access) on the local network.

In its properties, open the tab “Access / Sharing” and add a user “All”. See screenshot below. 👇

Share Folder - Windows 11

Share Folder – Windows 11

Then, in the same tab, click on the button “Advanced setup” and check the box next to “Share this folder” (if you want to be able to delete or copy files to PC from your phone – in permissions set full access 👇).

Share a folder

Share a folder



Now on the same PC (on which the folder was shared), you need to open the control panel 📌 (Win + Rand order control). Switch to the next category:

Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center


On the left side of the menu, click the item “Change advanced sharing settings” and for All networks, Guest or public, Private profiles (current profile), set the following:

  • included network discovery (automatic configuration);
  • included file and printer sharing;
  • disabled password protection.
Change sharing options

Change sharing options

Disable password-protected sharing

Disable password-protected sharing



Just in case, on the same PC (with a shared folder), open Windows Components (Win + Rand order Optional Features) and enable support SME (see how I have it on the screen).

Then restart your computer!





Now on to the phone! In my example, I’m using a classic device (without specific functions) with Android 10.

In general, you can use a shared folder on a local network in different ways – below I will show a universal one. For this we need the app 📌CX explorer (link to Google Play). This application allows you to easily work with a large number of files on different types of drives (including on the local network).

After race “CX Explorer” – go to the tab “Network/New Location” – then button “Remote/LAN Connections”. See screenshot below. 👇

CX Explorer - LAN

CX Explorer – LAN

If your computer alight And Connecticut. to the same network as the phone (about.: to the same Wi-Fi router) – you will see its name (in my example “alex-pc”). Clicking on it, you need to check the box for anonymous login and click OK. 👇

Anonymous login

Anonymous login

If everything has been configured correctly, the shared folders on this PC will appear in front of you. You just have to enter the voucher and start browsing… (command in it). Problem solved?! 😉

To note: there is no need to configure anything else. CX Explorer will remember the name of this PC and allow you to open shared folders on it as soon as it is turned on!

All!  From the phone you can work with a folder on a PC

All! From the phone you can work with a folder on a PC

Quite often, when trying to open shared folders on PC, you may see an error “Access denied”. As a rule, this happens due to the fact that in the Windows network settings it is not disabled. password protection (see step 3 // or after disabling it, the PC did not restart!).

Access denied

Access denied // example error


That’s all for now… Additions on the subject are welcome in the comments.

Good luck!


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Useful software:

  • video montage
  • Video montage

  • Excellent software to create your first videos (all steps are step by step!).
    The video will make even a beginner!

  • optimization utility
  • computing accelerator

  • A program for cleaning Windows from “garbage” (deletes temporary files, speeds up the system, optimizes the registry).

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