How to connect the mobile with the television?

Surely you know that you can connect the mobile to the TV but you still don’t quite know how to do it. Connecting the mobile to the TV is very useful for viewing content, listening to music, displaying photos from the mobile to the TV and many other functions. How to use it, we leave the choice to you… but today, we are going to show you how to connect your mobile to the television. Let’s go! 😊

connect mobile to tv

Connect mobile to TV with Chromecast

Chromecast is a Google device that allows us to connect any computer or smartphone (Android or iOS) to our TV. You just need to connect it to the HDMI port of the TV and configure it with our WIFI network. To use it, you need to download the Chromecast app on your mobile. From now on, your mobile will be the remote control 😉

google chromecast tv on mobile

Connect Android Mobile to Cable TV

The easiest way to connect your Android mobile to TV is through a mobile adapter cable.

Some smartphones have micro HDMI inputs or MHL technology, with this it will be very easy to connect the two devices:

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  • Micro HDMI: If your mobile is equipped with a micro HDMI, you will only have to connect an HDMI compatible cable and you will have it ready to use. The cable you need must be on the one hand micro HDMI for the mobile and on the other hand, HDMI for the television.
  • MHL technology: If your mobile is compatible with MHL (Mobile High Definition Link) technology; you can connect with MHL cable (mobile USB port to HDMI). It’s easy! If you don’t know if your mobile is compatible with this technology, you can find it in your mobile’s manual.

connect mobile to tv

Connect your iPhone to your TV

Connecting your iPhone to TV is also easy and you have several options to do so. In addition to the Chromecast we have already seen, you can establish the connection via Apple TV or cable:

  • AppleTV: It allows you to share the screen of your iPhone or other iOS device (eg iPad) with your TV wirelessly via your WIFI.
  • By cable: Just like Android, you can also connect via cable with an A/V adapter (Lightning to HDMI).

    connect iphone to tv

Connect a Smart TV to your mobile

Smart TVs are natively compatible with Android 4.2 or higher smartphones. The mobile and the TV must be connected to the same network to be able to use it. There are two options, via Miracast or DLNA. The difference is that DLNA does not allow us to see our TV screen, only media files (photos, videos, etc.). So generally Miracast works better.

Miracast is a technology certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance to transmit the screen wirelessly between different devices through your Wi-Fi. Once the two devices are connected to the Wi-Fi, you must access Settings > Display > Send Screen (or similar) from your mobile. All you have to do is select the screen (TV) to which you want to connect your mobile and you’re done!