How to Connect Xbox Controller in Linux 【STEP BY STEP】⭐️

That is why we are going to dedicate this article to talk about how to connect xbox controller on linuxbecause Linux becomes a good platform to play.

How to Connect an Xbox Controller in Linux

If you are one of those who have a partition for Windows with the intention of using it just for gaming, keep in mind that some Linux distributions have come a long way when it comes to gaming experience.

Xbox controller drivers

We want to know the Linux kernel version we are using. For this we open the Linux terminal and there we will write:

sudo uname –r

For connect xbox controller in linux, more specifically for the Debian family —Ubuntu, Linux Mint—, we will continue to use the Terminal to execute certain commands. It’s best to copy and paste each command line to do this without errors.

Don’t forget to update the whole system using the sudo apt update command (and update if necessary).

Ok now let’s start. We must install the necessary dependencies for the core of our system and for the subsequent installation of the main software. In the terminal we will write this command:

sudo apt install dkms linux-headers-'uname-r'

With this, we set the stage for the next step, cloning the repository where the driver used for connect xbox controller in linux: Xpadneo. Warning: We must have “Git” installed on our system. If we haven’t, we can install it very easily by just typing in the console:

sudo apt install git

Alright, let’s continue. In the same terminal, we will write the following to have the necessary driver:

git clone

This creates a directory with all the code needed to install Xpadneo, the driver that will connect xbox controller with linux. From the terminal, we will enter the new directory —created in the previous step— and for this we write:

cd xpadneo

Install the Xpadneo driver in Linux

Already inside the folder we must install the driver with the following command:

sudo ./

Once the installation is complete, it is recommended to restart our Linux to ensure that everything has been installed correctly.

When everything is ready, it’s time to start connecting the Xbox controller with our Linux. For this we must activate the Bluetooth of our system and then turn on the Xbox controller. If everything was done correctly, the remote control will vibrate.

It’s that easy to install what you need connect xbox controller in linux. If you have any questions regarding the tutorial, write to us through the comment section so that we can help you.