How to Convert MTS to AVI on Linux with VLC ⭐️【STEP BY STEP】⭐️

In Linux we have several ways to convert MTS to AVI; in addition to many other types of formats. MTS video files are, forgive the redundancy, files created primarily by Sony and Panasonic brand cameras.

How to Convert MTS to AVI on Linux

How to Play MTS Files

The easiest way is to use VLC Media Player. It’s a bit of a heavy drive — because of the megabytes you have to download — but it’s what you might call an “all-terrain vehicle”; plays almost all media files.

If we do not have it installed in our distribution, we will install it using the following command from the terminal:

sudo apt install vlc

Once installed, we open VLC. The next step is to click on the “Medium” menu. From the drop-down menu we will choose the “Open file” option. In the explorer window, we will go to the folder containing the MTS video, the most common being that it is located in the “Videos” folder. We select the file and click on the “Open” button.

Another option is to go directly to the folder where we have the MTS file, we click with the right mouse button and then we choose from the drop-down menu: “Open with VLC Media Player”.

Playback will begin immediately.

Use VLC to Convert MTS to AVI on Linux

Since we can play the MTS video file without any problem, the next step is to convert it to a format that is easier to view using other media players.

To do this, after loading the sample video, we reopen the “Media” menu. We look for the option: “Convert” and we choose it.

VLC menu convert files

This opens a new window, in which we must first click on the “Add” button. VLC will show us a file explorer so we can choose the MTS file we are going to work with.

Once the file has been selected, now in the conversion window, we must click on the “Convert/Save” button.

Then a window appears showing us the file we have chosen – it is marked at the top of the window, in the “Source” section.

Choose AVI format

The step we need to take now is to specify the final file format, tell VLC we want convert MTS to AVI. We specify it in the “Preferences” section of the “Profile” option. This is where you have to be very careful.

select AVI format

To have the possibility of converting to AVI, we must click on the button that has the icon of a spanner – the one used to adjust the nuts. We will find several format options. Let’s select the one that says “AVI”. And we finish by clicking on “Save”.

In the “Profile” drop-down menu, we must choose the “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” option. If we don’t like the end result, we can try another format from the drop-down list.

The final step is to tell VLC where we want it to save the converted AVI file. We do this by clicking on the “Explore” button. A new window will open for us to find the folder where to save the file. We write the name we want to assign, and it is very important to indicate the extension “AVI” so that it saves it in this format. We close the window by clicking on the “Save” button.

We are now ready to start the conversion. Let’s click the “Start” button to let VLC do the work.

If you have any doubts about what we have seen from convert MTS to AVI under Linux, we invite you to write to us in the comments section telling us what is the problem you are having to convert the files.