how to cook like your grandmother to make a good tupperware

Who has never dreamed of preparing lentils like their holy grandmother did? What if it was easier than it looks? Maybe you too could prepare meals for a regiment with skill, cunning and culinary skill, but you don’t know it yet. You have to believe in its potential because, flavors aside, what is not so complicated is to prepare in advance for the whole week. That’s what we callbatch cookingand in recent years there has been a real revolution in social networks by allowing to combine healthy and traditional food with the hectic pace of life that prevails in today’s society.

Cooking traditional stews to the touch of grandma It’s not a skill everyone can get, but it deserves years and years of practice. Yeah, let’s face it: getting your grandma’s touch in the kitchen is an equal challenge to beating Elden Ring without dying for a damn long time. The correct salt point, spices and cooking times are kept secret and passed down only to a select few from generation to generation. But come on, you can and more if it has an English name to describe something that’s been around for a lifetime. Cooking for a regiment and taking advantage of resources is nothing new. It’s been going on for years. Sorry, the batch cooking It exists since there are grandmothers.

Indeed, if your grandmother read this she would laugh aloud: she did batch cooking all his life. And you wasting time ICT Tac.

What is batch cooking?

As explained above, the term batch cooking It refers to a way of preparing food all at once. In fact, the word “groupmeans “lot” or “lot” in English. Usually one day of the week (which is usually Sunday) is used to cook in a few hours all the foods and dishes of the week.

Blast here, cone there…and There you go! With minimal effort, epic cooking combinations can be made that will save you time the rest of the week. The protagonists of batch cooking These are usually vegetables and roasted vegetables. It is enough to prepare a good dose of aubergines, courgettes or peppers in the oven to have excellent vegetable rations for the whole week. Other of celebrities from batch cooking are legumes. Lentils, chickpeas and beans cannot be missing, whether prepared as a traditional stew or as a cold salad.