How to deactivate a user on Instagram

All social networks work differently and all show you posts from certain users that they think you might be interested in. However, this is not always the case. And even when a profile interests us, we don’t always want to know what you are doing, although we don’t want to stop following it either. it’s here that the mute function fits perfectly On Instagram. With it, you will be able to stop seeing those accounts that “bore” you so much, without them knowing that you have stopped following them.

Doing it is quite simple. On Instagram, it only takes a few steps and we’ll have everything set up and ready. just remember that there is a difference between blocking and disabling. With this second you will not lose contact with this account and you will be able to continue seeing their publications if you enter their profile directly. However, Instagram will not actively display your profile. The block option, on the other hand, is more drasticand will cause you to lose all contact and even access to the target user’s profile.

Do you want to learn how to mute someone on Instagram? Just follow these simple steps and in a few minutes you will have done it. Even better, the other person will never know and Instagram does not notify other users of these moves. Everything will remain between us.

How to deactivate an Instagram account

Luckily, the options are the same whether you’re using Instagram on iPhone or Android; this way we make sure everyone understands what we are going to say. Besides, deactivating an Instagram account is anonymous and reversibleyou can therefore cancel the option at any time without anyone knowing.

On the other hand, the social network offers us several options, each one quite self-explanatory. The first will allow us to silence the messages only. The second, on the other hand, will allow us to silence just the stories. The third and last is the most complete, and it is the one that will allow us ignore stories and messages at the same time.