How to Disable App Notifications on Android

Want to know how to disable notifications on your Android mobile? Today we come to show you how to do it step by step. Of course, all the apps you install on your device will have notifications enabled by default. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn them off. Android lets you customize your experience with your app notifications, and that’s just it.

Of course, we are aware that unlike iOS, on Android, options may vary between each of the manufacturers. After all, each offers a layer of customization that differentiates and changes certain options from the competition. However, the most essential ones should remain partially the same for all systems, so don’t worry about not finding the specific brand of your mobile device.

Besides showing you how to disable notifications in generalwe will also guide you to learn how to temporarily disable them, turn off their sound and vibration, and even remove the notification dot that appears on your apps icon. Just follow the procedure.

Temporarily disable notifications

If you want that notifications are disabled for a while, but not definitively, there is a very easy way to do it. You just have to follow the steps:

  1. Enter the app Setting from your Android device.
  2. Here, go to Apps and Notifications.
  3. Enter for Notice.
  4. Go to section Advanced to explore more options.
  5. Activate the function Allow snooze notifications.

Now you just need to open your mobile’s notification bar. If you want to temporarily disable any of them, drag it slightly left or right and click on the icon Repel. By tapping the down arrow, you can control how long this app’s alerts will remain muted.

How to turn off notifications from specific apps

Most recent notifications

On the other hand, if an app is bothering you with its notifications, Android gives you the option to disable them completely for those who need it. This way you don’t have to turn them all off if you don’t want to get alerts from just one.

  1. Enter for Setting on your mobile.
  2. go to Notice.
  3. here for Setting of the app.
  4. In the tab “most recent“, you can see the latest apps that sent you notifications. However, by going to all apps you can see a lot more.
  5. Tap the desired app.
  6. Here you will be able to enable or disable notifications from this app.

There is also another way to do it. You just have to open notification bar of your Android mobile and press and hold the one you want to deactivate. Here you can choose to enter Setting. Once the menu opens, you can choose from different options.

Turn off notification sound and vibration

This function can be activated generally or in specific applications. Here’s how it works on Android: