How to Find Downloaded Files on an iPhone or iPad

Our iPhones and iPads have become tools everyday essentials. After all, we can not only use them as sources of entertainment and communication, but also for complete our workflow and study. For this reason, it is very important that both devices are able to download content from the Internet; but how to find these files once we have them?

The answer is quite simple, actually; only in the first place can be a bit difficult to adapt managing files on iPhone or iPad. However, once mastered, it is quite easy. For that, you just need to follow this procedure for how to find your downloads on iPhone and iPad.

Knowing how to take advantage of this feature is not limited to viewing downloaded documents. Too we can free up a lot of space if we find out where those files are that we didn’t know we could delete; basically because we didn’t know its location in the first place.

How to find your downloads on iPhone and iPad

To start, your iPhone and iPad must have iOS version 12 or higher. This requirement is essential because this is the version in which Apple has included the Files app. This integration has been essential for the growth of iOS and iPadOS, and with each new version of the two operating systems, those of Cupertino focus on improving this section.

How can you use this application to find your downloaded documents? Just follow these steps on your iPhone or iPad. The procedure is relatively similar in both devices; so you’ll have no problem using what you’ve learned in both versions of the app.