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I have a relatively old printer and a new PC. For some reason, the Windows 7 driver was not automatically selected for the printer. I found them (with difficulty) myself on the Internet, downloaded them, but they are just a normal folder with files. How can I install them if there is no exe file…

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There are always a lot of questions about printers and scanners… In general, modern Windows 10/11 more and more often finds and installs drivers automatically, and saves you from this problem. But unfortunately, even they do not always solve the problem. (therefore, I will not recommend upgrading to Windows 10/11).

In this article I will discuss several issues: how to find a printer driver, how to remove the old driver (if there is one. It just interferes with the update in some cases) and, therefore, how to install a new driver. if there is no executable file.

So let’s go down…

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If you have old printer and its native drivers are not installed in modern Windows 10/11 operating systems – you can try to fix the problem using virtual machine.

Here he described the whole process:


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Resolving printer driver issues

How and where to find and update the driver

📌 Option number 1

The easiest and most obvious way to update a driver is to use the driver disk that came with your printer. All you have to do is insert it into your CD/DVD drive and follow the wizard’s instructions. (usually press next/next/next…).

But most often (I speak from experience) there are several problems:

  • either the disc is no longer there (lost due to time limitation);
  • or there is a disc, but there is no CD/DVD drive to read it (which is no longer rare on new PCs, laptops).
Epson 2480 MFP CD

Epson 2480 MFP CD


📌Option number 2

There are dozens and hundreds of special programs for updating drivers on a PC. By using them, you can find drivers for any hardware on your computer. (not only for the printer)!

Among the programs there are both those that need an Internet connection and those that can work offline. In general, I have several articles on this blog, I recommend reading (links below).

📌 Help!

1) Programs work with drivers (update, save, delete, etc.)

2) Programs to update the drivers (in Russian, compatible with Windows 10\11).


📌 Option number 3

Knowing the model and brand of the printer, you can easily find the driver on the official website of the device manufacturer (unless, of course, you have a “no-name” Chinese manufacturer).

The easiest way to find out the model of the printer is to inspect the housing of the device. There are probably stickers or inscriptions on it. Most often they are on the front side (as in the example below).

Printer brand and model

Printer make and model: Xerox Phaser 3155

Also find out information about the printer and help find the driver – special box. utilities for viewing PC characteristics. One of them is, for example, AIDA64.

To view all the printers connected to the PC, just open the section “Devices/Printers” (as in the screenshot below 👇).

AIDA 64 - printer information

AIDA 64 – printer information

📌 Help!

Utilities for viewing PC characteristics (including AIDA 64)


Also, having learned the make and model of the device, just go to the official website of the device, open the section “Support” and download the driver.

Below are some links to the official websites of popular printer brands:

  1. Epson;
  2. HP;
  3. Cannon;
  4. Samsung;
  5. Photocopy.


📌 Option number 4

You can also update the printer driver via 👉Device Manager. To enter, you need:

  1. press the keyboard shortcut Win + R;
  2. then enter the command devmgmt.msc and press Enter.
Launch Device Manager - devmgmt.msc

Launch Device Manager – devmgmt.msc

In the device manager, find your printer: open the tabs Other devices, print queues.

Next, click on the unknown device (on which an exclamation mark is lit)and press “update drivers”like in the screenshot below.

Driver update

Driver update

After, select automatic installation.

Automatic search

Automatic search

Windows will begin to search for software on the net – if found, everything will go automatically, and there is nothing more to comment here …

Driver Installation

Driver Installation

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If you don’t install the drivers, the system hangs, INF file error – see this article


📌 Option number 5

If the connected printer is not in the tabs “Other Devices” And “Print queue”you must do the following:

  1. turn the printer off and on again;
  2. Then click on the button in Device Manager – “Update hardware configuration”.
If there is no printer

If there is no printer

Then the search for Plug and Play devices will start.

Finding Plug and Play Devices

Finding Plug and Play Devices

If the PC has seen the printer, Windows will begin to search and install the driver…

Driver Installation

Driver Installation


How to remove the old driver

The old driver may need to be uninstalled in cases where:

  • the new driver is not installed, giving all sorts of errors;
  • you just want to turn off the hardware so it doesn’t work (note: not the best way);
  • want to replace the driver Windows has found with a driver from a “craftsman”…


More easy way to uninstall driver from any printer/scanner (and others) from Windows OS – go 👉 in Device Manager and open Properties desired device.

After, in the tab “Driver” you have to press the button “Delete device” (see example below 👇).

Device Properties - Driver tab

Device Properties – Driver tab

In general, I already have an article on my blog devoted to the different ways to remove drivers. By the way, the printer driver is removed the same way as for any other device! Below is a link…

👉 To help!

driver removal

How to Remove the Driver from Any Device (3 Ways!)


How to install the driver if there is no executable file

In general, this is a matter of the past. Previously, most drivers had to be installed manually. (as they say, from A to Z). It’s now – all the user is asked to do is press 1-2 mouse buttons…

Most often, these driver kits, which are an archive containing several files, are intended for older printers. Below I will consider the most common way to install such a driver in a modern Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11.


So install the driver, without the executable file.

Open first Device Manager. Next, right-click on an unknown device (i.e. printer) and press the button “Update Drivers…”.

Driver update for unknown device

Driver update for unknown device

Then press the button “Search for drivers on this computer”.

Installing the driver from this PC

Installing the driver from this PC

The next step is to specify the folder where the driver files are located (if you have a ZIP, RAR archive, you need to extract it first).

Specify the folder where the drivers are located

Specify the folder where the drivers are located

The next step is to indicate that you are installing a device a printer.



Well, the last step – the printer installation wizard starts, specifies the model and installs the driver. In general, a fairly simple procedure …


Printer Setup Wizard


That’s all for today.

Good luck!


First publication: 09.02.2017

Updated: 01/01/2022

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