How to Forget Wi-Fi Networks in Windows 11/10 (Delete Network Profiles You Connected to Once)

Forget the Wi-Fi Profile

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Tell me with a catch … In general, I had to change the password for the Wi-Fi network in order to connect to it on the TV (because it was impossible to enter a character on the TV that was previously used in the password). But now the laptop is trying to automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network and can’t (because it apparently uses the old password).

What is the question: How can I clear my old Wi-Fi connection settings so that I can reconnect to the network. I’ve already “pushed” the network icon near the clock 100 times – but the laptop doesn’t seem to respond to that… it doesn’t even ask for a password.


You probably need to delete the old Wi-Fi profile (under Windows, this operation is called: “forget”), then reconnect to the network. It’s hard to say why it can’t be done in a standard way, maybe some driver errors.

Below I will consider several of them. alternative options (one of them should help 👌).


Ways to “delete” old Wi-Fi profiles

📌 Option 1

The most obvious option to forget the old Wi-Fi network that the laptop (PC) is “trying” to connect to is to click on the network icon in the Windows tray (next to the ‘clock), then right-click on its name and select the option “To forget”.

Then you can connect to another network. As a rule, in most cases, this method works.

👉 To help!

If you don’t have a network icon in the Windows tray, see this note:

Forget the Wi-Fi network / Windows 11

Forget the Wi-Fi network / Windows 11


📌 Option 2

In Windows 11/10 settings (to open them, use the combination Win + i) tongue “Network and Internet / Wi-Fi” there is a special tab Known network management — where all profiles are stored.

Manage Known Wi-Fi Networks (Windows 11)

Manage Known Wi-Fi Networks (Windows 11)

To forget this or that network, simply click on the corresponding line. See the example below (if you have a lot of such profiles, you will have to click the mouse several times… 👌).

List of networks you have already connected to

List of networks you have already connected to (Windows 11)


📌 Variant 3

  1. You must first run the command prompt as an administrator;
  2. then enter the command netsh wlan show profiles and press Enter (this will look at all known networks);
  3. then to remove one – use the command netsh wlan remove Asus_wifi5g profile (where instead of “Asus_wifi5g” – use your network name);
  4. To delete all Wi-Fi profiles – you can use the command: netsh wlan delete profile * (the asterisk at the end is mandatory).

A working example is shown in the screenshot below. 👇

Command line - find and delete profile

Command line – find and delete profile

Be careful, if you were connected to one of the networks whose profile you deleted, your connection will be immediately disconnected (and the icon in the status bar will let you know 👇)!

The network is gone

The network is gone


📌 Variant 4

In the system settings (win + i) there is a special tab “Network and internet/network reset” to reset network settings globally (about.: All network settings will be deleted – i.e. the network will work as it happens immediately after a “clean” installation of Windows).

I will notethat files and documents (and other Windows settings that are not related to network settings) will not be affected by this reset! (at least it was before)

👉 To help!

How to Reset Network Settings in Windows 11/10 (help for those with network lag) –

Add.  network settings - network reset

Add. network settings – network reset


📌 Variant 5

If all of the above didn’t help, try going to the folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Wlansvc\Profiles\Interfaces (this is where all network profiles for the current operating system are stored) .

Of course, when you find the right one, you can delete it (or delete everything if you don’t need profiles 👇). Important: After that, restart your computer!

Delete everything from the folder!

Delete everything from the folder!


Additions and other recommendations are welcome in the comments!

Good luck!


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