How to know if there are intruders in your Netflix account


Follow these steps to find out if you have hackers on your Netflix account

Netflix is ​​one of the apps par excellence when it comes to watching series or movies. The app’s prices are not cheap, especially if one wants to view the content in 4K. Considering the price increase in some countries, it is always common for us to share the account with family or friends to save costs. However, our account may be used without our permission by people we do not want. Therefore, we will explain how to find out if there are intruders in our Netflix account.

One of the simpler ways To be able to see who is using our account, both on Android and on our computer, it is enter to view viewing activity in our profile to find out if there is a series that has a chapter seen and that we have not viewed. We teach you how to see it from settingsensuring that no suspicious person is using our subscription.

How to know if there are intruders in your Netflix account

Viewing history and activity

visualization activity

To consult the viewing activity, we can enter directly via one of the profiles it’s in the app. With this we can take into account the titles that have been seen. If there is a title that does not suit usone can suspect that there is someone using our account. To know the viewing activity, we must:

  • Access Netflix on your computer or mobile phone
  • Go to one of our profiles
  • Once inside, click on account
  • We select our profile
  • In the drop-down menu of our profile, click on “Activity View”
  • We will see the series reproduced by our profile recently

if we find a chapter seen that does not look like us, it could be a sign that someone is using our account without our permission. If the account is shared, you will touch ask our family and friends if they were the ones who entered our profile by mistake. If not, it may be an indicator of an intruder

Netflix Viewing Activity

Netflix. Displaying the activities menu.

Extensions such as “Netflix Viewing Statistics” can also help us with this research work.

Streaming Device History

If we are not completely sure about the title above, we can always try check the history of devices that have entered our account. With this history, we have information about devices, location, entry time and more details. Normally Netflix usually notifies you that a new device has entered our account. However, if we share our account it would be more difficult, so this option is more specific when looking for intruders.

To view the history, we follow these steps:

  • We enter the netflix web or app
  • We go to our profile and click on account
  • Once inside we slide to the end, where the options are
  • We find the option “Recent transmission from device”
  • Here we see the list of devices in which we use our account
Devices with recent Netflix activity

Devices with recent Netflix activity

Change password and log out

Once we have verified that there is an intruder in our application, the first thing we must always do is change password and log out of all devices from our Netflix account. To change the password, we can either change it in the application itself or by accessing the forgotten password form.

From the app

If we still have the password of our Netflix application, the process is very simple since it requires a few steps to change it. In this case we can change it via mobile or computer with the following steps:

  • We access the Netflix website or application
  • Click on one of the profiles
  • Into account, click on account settings
  • In the new window, right next to the bank details and the plan we have, the possibility of “Change password”
Netflix options menu.  Change password

Change password menu in Netflix.

Once we enter we can enter the new password. It is highly recommended leave the option “Require devices to reconnect” checked to prevent any device from keeping the session open and thus ensure that the password change has been carried out correctly and without problems.

Netflix Password Change Form

Netflix password change form.

From password reset form to email or mobile

If we don’t know the Netflix password, we don’t need to create a new account or delete the account we already have. Via email, we can change the password by performing a few simple steps. This step is helpful if they changed the password so you can’t access your account. As long as we have access to the original email or mobile phone we created the account with, we can reset the password as follows:

  • Let’s go to the Netflix help page
  • We select the option reset account via email or SMS
  • If we used a mobile, we enter the phone number associated with the account
  • If we used mail, we write the email address
  • Click on the button to send the email or send the SMS
  • We will receive an email or SMS to follow the steps
  • In the email there is a link to login
  • We change the password to the new one
  • We mark the option “Require sign-in on all devices” to make sure it is changed on all devices

We must take into account that the password has minimum requirements for get him to safety. On the other hand, the e-mail that you send to us expires after 24 hours if not used. We must ensure that we use it in time.

If we did not check the option to force the connection on all devices in the previous steps, we must perform an additional step, which will be log out of all devices. For this we must enter the Netflix settings in our account and select the option to disconnect from all devices.

Additional parameters

We always have additional options to protect ourselves from intruders in our account. These options are based for example on connect a mobile phone to have another additional password recovery option or create a pin to enter our profile.

Associate a phone number

When recovering the password, we can use a phone number as an additional recovery method. With this step we will eliminate the problems when recovering our password if, by any chance, we have problems with the email. People who do not have a cell phone number, they will not be able to recover the account because they will not be able to receive the code that reaches the device.

Put a pin in our account

When you share the account with someone outside, a friend or a family member and we don’t want them to see the series we consume, we can always create a pin in app for our profile. In this way, when we want to connect to our profile, it will be locked and you will need the code to unlock it. To configure a pin, we will proceed as follows:

  • We open the Netflix website in the browser
  • We go to our account and profile
  • In the options we select the account
  • In our profile, in the drop-down menu, we mark the account blocking option
  • Once inside, we enter the password of our Netflix account
Create a pin for your Netflix profile

Menu to create a profile pin on Netflix

Create a profile pin on Netflix

Enter the 4-digit PIN code

  • Enter the four digits and click Save.

By following these methods, our account will be more robust and thus we will be able to know if there are intruders. If so, we can take action on this to prevent any future problems with our account.

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