How to make money by buying an iPhone? Spoiler alert: Apple will pay you

Despite the fact that Apple always tries to pay taxes and even help in the fight for a clean environment, the company often has problems with the law, for which it must then answer. More precisely, to pay the bills: the companies impose heavy fines, which however do not affect its reputation and development in any way. Nevertheless, there are precedents, meaning a company can be sued and made to pay for its own rules, which it must break. We talk about the most interesting cases where Apple has been sued.

Apple is regularly sued and has even won lawsuits! Here are some famous cases


Apple trial

Do you remember this box? Good time!

The fact that the charger is no longer supplied with the iPhone still worries many users: Brazilian activists believe that the company is thus undermining the integrity of the smartphone, because the charger is the “integral part”. So, according to the latest news, Apple will pay compensation to a customer in Brazil who bought an iPhone because it didn’t come with a charger. By the way, this violates local consumer rights law, which the court upheld.

This precedent caused a sick public outcry – now Apple will have to pay $1,075 for the lack of a charger in the kit. The Cupertino-based company has already responded to the court ruling, saying many customers already have a charging adapter. Moreover, this is not the first time that Apple is being sued in Brazil: Last year, the company was fined $2 million for disrespecting Brazilian users.

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Apple in China

Chinese students also disagree with the lack of iPhone charging

The fact that Apple is hiding behind environmental concerns, removing the charger from the iPhone, but actually just making money off consumers, hasn’t been news for a long time. China doesn’t agree with such methods either: the company was sued last year in China. The lawsuit was brought by a group of Chinese university students who disputed claims that removing the charger from the kit would help save the environment.

Students noted that the USB-C to Lightning cable is not compatible with other devices on the market. Apple hit back again, saying manufacturers have been selling smartphones and adapters separately for a long time. But no: in China you can always choose a device set with or without an adapter. So, Brazil is by no means the only place where users are concerned about the integrity of the kit.

Which iPhone has headphones

Headphones are no longer included with the iPhone. Even in France

EarPods are incredibly comfortable headphones even in 2022. It’s true that today we no longer put them in the iPhone kit, even in France. I remind you that they disappeared from the kit in 2020, but it was for France that Apple made an exception – in the country, at the legislative level, they demanded to leave them. The fact is that, according to French law, a headset must be supplied with a smartphone – this is done to protect users under the age of 14 from electromagnetic radiation. From this year Apple has stopped selling iPhones with headphones: The country is now focusing on reducing the impact of digital technologies on the environment. By the way, this iPhone 13 came in two boxes at once.

Apple хочет сделать Яндекс.Станцию, но она уже есть

App Store issues

App store

App Store fees haunt many developers

Last month, the Netherlands for the ninth time fine apple for 5 million euros for failing to comply with antitrust laws, which previously required the company to provide dating apps with the ability to accept payments through third-party services. It’s all the fault of the madmen app store commission – 27%. Previously it was 30%, but it has been reduced. Admittedly, the authorities considered the measure insufficient and continued to impose fines on the company.

If Apple had continued to ignore the regulator’s demands, then it would have received one final warning – another €5 million fine. It was also learned that Apple still allows developers to implement their own payment systems. True, the Cupertino team will continue to charge a commission – its size remains unknown.


Apple Pay in Russia

Pay by phone

Apple Pay not working? Pursue the business!

But if chargers and headphones are a trifle, then for disable Apple Pay in Russia the company will have to pay an indecent price: Apple was sued on behalf of the Public Consumers Initiative for restricting the operation of the iPhone, including for Apple Pay, app store removal popular apps and other company actions that make it difficult to use technology. Added to this are repair problems: out-of-warranty repairs are no longer carried out, and the price of spare parts for iphone and other devices has already jumped noticeably. The main purpose is to encourage Apple to resume deliveries, not to punish by taking all funds from the accounts of the Russian representative office. There have been no such precedents yet, so this lawsuit is definitely worth watching.

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