How to Move Apps to Your Android Phone’s SD Card

The SD or microSD card has always been a great help when our Android phone is running out of power. storage space. Especially when we install dozens of games, record videos and share content on WhatsApp or Telegram. It is more. The SD card is used both for moving files and documents and for moving Android applications.

Some don’t recommend move apps to sd card because some applications and games cause problems when they run out of main memory. But if you have a large SD card and your Android’s storage is low, you have no choice but to delete what’s left or move it to the SD card. Yes, try to move there apps and games you don’t use every day but you don’t want to delete.

The process is relatively simple. This is if your Android phone has five years or less. Precisely in 2015, Google launched Android6 (dubbed Marshmallow), a version that incorporates an easier method for moving Android apps to the memory card. Method which was maintained until Android 12. Which represents more than 97% of the Android phone market in 2022.

Move Android Apps to SD Card

We start from the fact that we have an Android phone with a slot for insert SD card. Android version must be 6.0 or above. And, of course, we must have an SD card inserted in its corresponding slot. Currently they are usually microSD.

To move games and apps to SD card, we don’t need any third-party apps. They serve us Settings from Android. Specifically, you will need to go to Storage room. You will see how you occupy this storage space: system, applications, games, images, videos… In addition, there is a drop-down menu to differentiate between what is stored in the main memory of your Android and the memory card. -same.