How to open a video in any format on iPhone. 2 easy ways

Recently, more and more messages have appeared in our Telegram chat asking us to tell you about how to play video in avi, mkv format on iphone and others. Something tells me that in the near future users will ask themselves this question more and more. You never know, maybe someone suddenly wants to watch recorded videos from Android smartphone or transfer content from their computer and watch a movie on a long drive. Today we will talk about two extremely simple ways. open video on iPhone in any format and discuss all the nuances that everyone needs to know.

In fact, you can watch videos on iPhone in almost any format. You just need to know how.


how to open avi video on iphone

Alas, the iPhone only supports a limited number of video formats. Without resorting to third-party tools, you can open MP4, MOV, M4V and AVI, but on condition that all videos have been compressed according to MJPEG, MPEG-4 or H.264 standards. It is clear that not everyone is satisfied with this layout, and sometimes it becomes necessary to launch other extensions.

The built-in video player on the iPhone is good, but it doesn’t play all video formats.

The first and easiest way to open videos on iPhone is to download a third-party video player. I immediately remember the times when everyone downloaded different video players on their computer so that they could open any video. It seemed like those days are over, now streaming has completely replaced such a need for us, but recently everything is back to normal, so I recommend you think about it and download any player from the app store , you never know what will happen .

For open avi video on iphoneYou will need:

  • Download VLC Player on your iPhone from the App Store using this link.
  • Open the application, accept all the conditions, familiarize yourself with the possibilities.
  • Then go to the Files app on your iPhone and open the video you need.
  • Then click the Share icon in the lower left corner, select VLC.

Click the Share button and open the video with a video player.

Also, don’t forget to check Network section in the VLC app. There are several sections here that I would like to expand on:

  • Local files. From here, you can play any video stored on your iPhone without the Files app.
  • Cloud services. With this setting, you can sync videos to VLC from cloud storage.
  • Open network resource. Watch online videos directly through VLC.
  • Downloads. You can enter a webpage address and the video will automatically load in VLC.
  • Wi-Fi Access Sharing. Allows you to download video files to iPhone via browser from computer within the same Wi-Fi network.

It has all the features you might need.

It’s done, now you can watch almost any video on your iPhone. No, of course, you can download any other player from the app store, only VLC is one of the most functional and can open almost any video file. Don’t like this one – we have a separate selection with a variety of programs, download one.


How to Open MKV Videos on iPhone

The second way is even simpler and clearer than the first. For open any video on iphoneI suggest you download it to your computer, change the format, then send it to your mobile device.

How to Change Video Format on Mac

For open video on iPhone in any formatfollow the simple instructions:

  • Download VLC to your computer from the developer’s official website (available on Windows and Mac).
  • Open the player, play the video you need.
  • In the macOS top menu, click File, Convert/Transfer.
  • In the window that opens, click Open source, specify the path to the file.
  • Next, find the Select Profile section, select the video format you need (MP4).
  • Click Save and wait for the conversion process to complete.

Choose the format you need and send the video to iPhone.

Well, you can transfer the finished file via AirDrop to your iPhone and watch the video in the built-in video player. If you basically do not want to download third-party applications on your computer, I suggest convert video via the built-in macOS Automator app. Personally, I find this method extremely inconvenient, but here everyone decides for themselves.

How to Change Video Format in Windows

For change video format on windowsYou will need:

  • Open VLC on your computer, play the video you need.
  • Click the Media button at the top of the app, then click Convert/Save.
  • Click Add button, provide the path to the file you need.
  • Click Convert/Save, select the format you need (MP4), click Start.
  • Wait for the conversion process to complete.

Here are the video conversion settings in the player on Windows.

Thus it is possible open videos in MOV, WMV, MP4 formats on iPhone and many more.

In general, I personally prefer to download all the videos I need on Telegram and not watch them from there. Traffic is not a barrier, as most mobile operators offer unlimited social networks. By the way, there is an update in the Telega, take a look.

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Do you think there will be an urgent need to download videos to a smartphone? Or will we continue to watch all the videos on the Internet? I suggest you leave your opinion in our Telegram chat or in the comments below, it’s very interesting what you think.