How to Pay on Aliexpress After Sanctions

The sanctions have greatly affected our buying habits. A striking example is app subscriptions and App Store purchases, as well as Apple Pay, without which, it seems, we have been left for a long time. In addition, you need to look for workarounds to pay for orders in foreign online stores – these are certainly unpleasant shades of penalties for ordinary people. And what about Aliexpress, which we have become so used to over the years? Let’s see, How to pay for purchases Are there any restrictions on this site?

Let’s talk about whether the sanctions affected the work of Aliexpress in Russia


Payment on Aliexpress

Understand how sanctions affect shopping on AliExpress

Representatives of “AliExpress Russia” said that cards from old payment systems will work on the website as before. Buyers can use Mastercard and Visa, because Aliexpress is one of the organizations that has its own representative office in Russia. For this reason, the trading platform operates as usual, as Russian banks are responsible for its processing. Naturally, pay on aliexpress can only be in rubles – to do this, you need to change the currency in the settings of your personal account.

  • Log into the AliExpress app.
  • Click on “My profile”.
  • Click the checkbox in the upper right corner.
  • Then select the “Currency” item from the list and click “RUB”.

The company noted that you can pay for your purchases with cards, which were issued in Russia, until their expiration date. What to do after the card expires – the bank will decide. Although many financial institutions have already announced that their cards can be used indefinitely, until the plastic itself begins to crumble.

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What card to pay on Aliexpress

Regarding payment cards on AliExpress, then you can use any: same Mastercard, same Visa, same MIR. The company said Russian MIR cards work on par with others. The only problem is that the payments won’t go through if you go pay with Apple Pay (the payment system is everything), so you’ll have to enter card details the old fashioned way and save them in the app after payment.

This way you can add payment card to Ali

  • In the AliExpress app, add the item to your cart and click “Checkout”.
  • Click on “Choose a payment method”.
  • Now select “Add card” and enter its details.
  • Click “Save and confirm”.

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Why does AliExpress cancel orders?

Many users got very scared when they noticed that the site started canceling orders. Someone linked this with sanctions and other restrictions, but in reality everything turned out to be much simpler. Here are the most popular reasons why is aliexpress closing orders.


AliExpress sometimes cancels orders, but that’s understandable

  • The seller did not have time to transfer the order data. After receiving the order, the seller was unable to form and send it within the specified time, after which the order is automatically canceled. The money is returned to the account within 20 business days.
  • The order was canceled by the AliExpress security system.. This happens when a user creates multiple accounts in order to use discount coupons or promotional codes. According to the rules of the site, you cannot do this, after which the order is blocked.
  • The seller is out of stock. If the seller has a product at an attractive price, demand increases sharply. Unfortunately, not enough goods for everyone, so the seller cancels the order.

As you can see cancel an order on Aliexpress does not mean that the seller refuses to send the goods to Russia. This problem can be compared to the fact that the order is lost and the money is returned to you.

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How to save on Aliexpress

In the new realities, non-standard solutions and cool ways to save money appear. It turns out that the prices of the same product can be different depending on the chosen currency. For example, a computer mouse costs 864 rubles, but if you change the cost of the settlement currency to dollars, the price will be 7.89 dollars.

An ordinary accessory in rubles is much more expensive than in foreign currency

The value of the dollar at the time of the article is 93.71 rubles at the Central Bank exchange rate (in the Tinkoff application it is 91.35 at all), from which we get that this product will cost 739 rubles. It turns out that in this situation, it is worth creating an account at Qiwi and opening a dollar account, then linking one of your cards to it. After that select payment via Qiwi Wallet and pay for the goods in dollars. Qiwi will cancel the rubles, transfer them according to the exchange rate and make the payment. Again, check the dollar exchange rate so that it is beneficial to you. Also look at the Qiwi commission that the service takes for its services.

It turns out that for users from Russia payment for purchases on Aliexpress almost unchanged, except for the deactivation of Apple Pay. Price increases should be taken out of the equation, but on the Ali Baba Chest Telegram channel, you can still find cool products that are even cheaper than they were before the sanctions and other restrictions.