How to prevent an application from running at Windows startup

When we install applications on our Windows computer, we often do not realize that some of them are preconfigured to start with the operating system. This, of course, slows down our startup over time; and that computer that once booted in a second, now takes up to twenty to get to the lock screen.

However, we can prevent these applications from running when we start our computer. Of course, once the process is complete, we will have to open them manually if we want to use them. However, at least we will avoid unnecessarily slowing down our PC by saving ourselves a second of clicks.

Today we come to show you How to prevent an application from starting next to Windows. Now you can choose the ones you really need; and leave out those that don’t add anything to your workflow. This method works for Windows 11, 10 and many other versions previous.

How to prevent an application from starting with Windows

Credit: Unsplash

To start limiting the applications and programs that start with Windows, we will have to open the first Task Manager of the system. With its help we will be able to modify the parameters assigned by the application.

If you want open the Task Manager Windows, you have up to three different methods: