How to properly clean your iPhone, AirPods Mac and other Apple devices

We often write about how to improve iphonehow to use them correctly and how to solve the problems that many people have when using them. In principle, it makes sense. After all, everyone wants to get the most out of the device, which, by the way, they bought for a lot of money. But it is not enough to buy the necessary accessories like earphones or cases and set all the parameters correctly. Gadgets should be maintained and kept clean. We tell you how.

iPhone cleaning

Apple devices also need to be cleaned properly


rag apple from aliexpress

It makes no sense to buy this rag for 2000 rubles

Let’s start with something simpler. For example, with screen wipes. In most cases, the use of special products to remove contaminants from the display surface is not necessary. On the contrary, in some cases they can even do harm. Therefore, it is much safer to wipe the screen cover with a cloth. Not everything in this case will work, because you cannot achieve the desired results.

Price: 360 rubles

Buy screen cloth

Naturally, buy the official apple rag for 2000 rubles you will not. But anyone can take their full copy from Aliexpress for 300 rubles. Reviewers write that it has exactly the same texture as the original, and at the same time comes in the same box. The special texture allows you to effectively remove dirt from the screen without damaging its surface. Above all, do not use abrasive cleaners. Wipe.

How to Clean AirPods

AirPods should be cleaned to maintain hygiene and sound quality

There is perhaps no more intimate gadget than the AirPods. Landing in the ear canal in 100% of cases leads to the fact that the mesh of their dynamics begins to clog with deposits of sweat and fat and sulfur. This not only reduces the aesthetics of their appearance and hygiene of use, but also negatively affects sound quality. Because clogged speakers sound worse than clean ones.

Price: 510 rubles

Buy a cleaning stick

They must therefore be cleaned. But since AirPods clog up not only speakers, but also a complete case, it is better to buy a specialized tool to clean the whole thing. It includes a pointed tip for cleaning the speakers, a brush for cleaning dust and debris from the joints of the charging case, and a foam sponge for cleaning the headphone jacks.

iPhone not charging. What to do

If your iPhone stops charging, try cleaning its charging slot

Have you ever had this iPhone stopped charging? I think if you are not a newbie, then it happened. This often happens because Lightning socket just clogged with dust and debris particles and does not allow the contacts to complete the circuit for charging to occur. Everyone deals with this problem differently. Someone tries to clean the pollution with ear sticks, someone blows the nest, and someone does it well with a special brush.

Price: 70 rubles

Buy a brush

This brush allows you to eliminate clogged charging port in a few seconds. With a small brush head and spirally arranged bristles, it effectively removes dust, debris and other contaminants that interfere with charging. With its help, you can clean the silent mode toggle switch, which also tends to clog. And if necessary, you can use a brush to clean other hard-to-reach places.

Phone charging socket

These sockets fulfill two functions: protecting the connector and allowing it to be recharged with a cable equipped with a magnet.

But just a little clean the charging socket. It is much better not to let it contaminate at all. But how to do it? After all, you won’t be carrying a smartphone in a plastic bag, will you? It’s both stupid and downright embarrassing. So you need something to plug in the connector itself. There aren’t a lot of options, overall. You can either buy a special case, but then you will have to constantly remove it in order to put the device on charge.

Price: 60 rubles

Buy a plug for Lightning

And you can buy a special plug. She plays two roles. On the one hand, it protects the connector from entry of dust and debris. And, on the other hand, it is actually a MagSafe connector. Thanks to the magnet on the back, a cable with exactly the same magnet is attached to it and charges it, which can be purchased at this link. The cable itself is optional if you just want to protect the connector from dust. Therefore, it is up to you whether you want to take it.

How to remove screen dust

These stickers are necessary to remove dust before sticking the protective film, but can also be used for other purposes.

Dust is a ubiquitous phenomenon. Therefore, it penetrates almost everywhere – both under the keyboard of your MacBook and in USB connectors, and even more so it settles on the screen. Generally display can be cleared. But most of the time, just rub the device on the clothes, which also contain a lot of dust and fabric particles. Therefore, even before putting a case on your smartphone, or even sticking a film, you must carefully remove this dust.

Price: 140 rubles

Buy a dust collector

You can do it with adhesive dusters. These are small sticky stickers with a sticky but non-marking base. You just peel off the protective layer, then collect dust on the screen, the back of the case and other places on your iPhone. One sticker is enough for one cleaning, and the set consists of at least 50 pieces, so this goodness will last you a long time, even if you clean not only your smartphone, but also other gadgets.

Keyboard cleaning slime

Cleaning the keyboard with slime is not only effective, but also pleasant

Even if you don’t eat on the computer, it keyboard anyway, sooner or later it will be clogged with garbage. It can be crumbs, hair, eyelashes, the same dust particles and much more. But you will not open the keys individually, especially since many computers simply do not provide such an opportunity. Where better to use cleaning gelwhich collects all the waste that has fallen under the keyboard and leaves it clean.

Price: 110 rubles

Buy a cleansing gel

In fact, this cleanser – something like a mud. It is very viscous and viscous. Therefore, it very well wraps the keys from all sides and picks up debris particles that have fallen under them. Despite this malleability, this craft does not disintegrate into particles, leaving no trace. As a result, you’ll get rid of debris from the keyboard (of course, to some extent) and you won’t have to clean mud from the keys themselves.