How to remove background from an image online for free

We all take pictures, whether it’s all day, every day, or once a month; it varies and sometimes we need to remove the background from an image. However, not all of us have the required skills. The good news is that you don’t need it because PicWish can help you remove image background for free with just one click.

PicWish: the background removal tool

PicWish is an easy-to-use background removal tool available for Web, iOS/Android, and Windows. Using intelligent AI trained on millions of real-world images, the platform can smoothly and accurately remove the background from even complex images.

How to remove background from an image

  1. Go to in your browser of choice.
  2. Click on Upload an imageselect the image and click Open.
  3. To refine the deletion, click dungeon That is Wipe off, select the brush and to draw in the add/remove areas.
  4. Once you’ve perfected the image, click Dump.

To note : You will need to create a free account or login with an existing ID to upload images. Do not worry, your information and data remain secure and confidential.

Overall, PicWish is a great tool for startups, independent contractors, crafters, content creators, and more. it’s fast, smooth, accurate and easy to use.

PicWish: Download