How to replace TeamViewer in Russia. 2 cool ways

Just a few days ago Russian users noticed that on their computers teamviewer has stopped working. If someone did not know, Timweaver is an application with which you can remotely connect to more than just a Macbut also to anyone else. Over the long years of its existence, this show has become cult and now, when it is said everywhere that Timweaver does not work in Russia, everyone thinks of a good alternative to the well-known software. Let’s start with what Mac remote no additional programs are needed, macOS has built-in tools for this. Well, if you want a cross-platform app to connect to a computer screen, you can do that without TeamViewer. In the article we will talk about all the ways to solve this problem and discuss the details, of which there are a lot.

Replacing Timweaver in Russia is not such a big deal.


Timweaver left Russia

Last Wednesday, May 4, Russian and Belarusian users noticed that Timweaver suddenly stopped connecting to other computers. When trying to connect, I received the following notification: Unable to connect to partner. A little later, on May 5, a message appeared on the company’s website about this:

… we have decided to completely stop our activities in Russia and Belarus. Existing unauthorized subscriptions that do not involve misuse of our products will continue until the end of the contract, but will not be renewed. Additionally, TeamViewer has blocked all unlicensed connections to Russia and Belarus to prevent further use of our software.

Needless to say how popular this app was. If you type “Timweaver” in Google, then literally in the first line the request is displayed Timweaver for Mac. However, it’s clearly not an app that can’t be replaced. Especially for owners of Apple technology, because, as I said, macOS has many built-in tools to remote login to mac.

Previously, my colleagues have already offered several remote control options, be sure to look at the material, there is a lot of useful information. Well, today I would like to talk about the method I use myself and offer an alternative with a cross-platform program. For the future, I will say that it is possible set up Mac computer management from almost any other device.

How to remotely connect to a Mac computer

The easiest way to remotely connect to a Mac is to use the built-in screen sharing feature. With it you can easily stream the image to another mac.

For set up Mac screen sharingYou need:

  • Click the apple icon in the macOS top menu, go to System Preferences.
  • Next, click on “Sharing”, uncheck the box next to “Remote control”, if it is there.
  • After that, check the box next to the “General screen” item.
  • In the “Allow access” menu, select either “All users” or “Only these users” and select them yourself.
  • Next, click the “Computer Settings” button at the top of the window and specify the settings you need.

You can set up remote access to your Mac without third-party apps.

In chapter Computer settings there are two points:

  • Any user can request permission to control the screen.
  • VNC users can gain control of the screen with a password.

The abbreviation VNC may seem incomprehensible to many, so we explain on our fingers:

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) - это функция, которая позволяет удаленно делиться управлением клавиатурой и мышью (трекпадом) через локальную сеть или интернет. По сути, вы получаете полный доступ к компьютеру и можете управлять им откуда угодно.

Before updating macOS Monterey I didn’t take a steam bath and run remote control through the special Shared Screen utility, but in the last update it was removed, so the easiest way simple for me to remotely connect to a Mac for me is iMessage:

  • Specify the desired split-screen settings as shown in the instructions above.
  • Go to the Messages application, open a conversation with the desired user.
  • In the top right corner, tap the “i” button and select Share.
  • Wait for confirmation from the other user and manage their computer or enable screen sharing.

You can set up sharing on your Mac directly through iMessage.

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How to control Mac from Windows

Built-in macOS tools are, of course, good, but much more often users have to remote access from Mac to Windows and vice versa. Here TeamViewer has a cool counterpart called AnyDesk. Its distinct feature is an extremely simple interface. No deep settings, everything is on the surface and is literally clear from the start of using the program.

AnyDesk can literally do it all. You can access the remote control with just a few clicks. Moreover, the program has clients on iOS, iPadOS, Android, and some other platforms. A very handy application that can compete even with native tools from Apple.

For connect to mac remotelyYou need:

  • Download AnyDesk application from official developer website using this link, install AnyDesk on both computers.
  • Grant the app permission to record your screen by going to System Preferences, Security & Privacy, Screen Recording and checking the box next to AnyDesk.
  • Then open the AnyDesk application itself, copy your address (9 digits) in the left corner.
  • Paste the address on a second computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • Wait for consent to remote control the second device.

AnyDesk is a pretty good replacement for Timweaver.

If you want to use the app for free, you can only control one device. I tried the app on my iPad and Windows laptop, everything works as it should. The image refresh rate, of course, is low, but in general you can work. The program has a paid version with an address book, its own VPN, unlimited connections and many other features. But now there may be big payment problems.

Setting up remote control of a Mac from Windows turned out to be very easy without TeamViewer.

Also, pay attention to my colleague’s article, Ivan Gerasimov, author of He has already offered excellent alternative to AnyDesk – Google Chrome Remote Desktop. I tested it and it works great so far. Well, it’s cool that there are no dances with a tambourine – everything is done through Chrome, which everyone has.

There are Russian applications on the Internet, but I simply cannot recommend them to you. It is extremely inconvenient to use them, the interface leaves much to be desired, and constant lags torment you every 10 minutes. If you really want to try, you can download the wizard, but if anything, I warned you.

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Have you been hit hard by the departure of TeamViewer? Or have you never used third-party applications and prefer native tools? Maybe you have yours Alternative to Timweaver? Be sure to unsubscribe in our Telegram chat or in the comments below, it will be interesting to read.