How to save on mobile communications? The best ways

The other day the media reported that cellular communications in Russia will not only increase in price, but also lose tariffs with unlimited Internet. Operators explain these actions by the desire to reduce the load on equipment in the face of penalties. Certainly, experts are convinced that by doing so, companies will only slow down the decline in their own income. However, not everything is bad: save on mobile communications It is still possible, since there are working methods. In general, if you don’t want to spend too much, be sure to study what you’re using and turn on economy mode. We say how to pay less for cell phones.

We share useful tips to save on cellular communications


How to find out your rate by phone

Maybe you have an archive tariff, that’s why you spend so much money on communication

Telecom operators have created an opportunity check communication costs and connected services in your account. True, users rarely look there. It is in the personal account that everything diet information and you should check as often as possible what you’re paying for and if there are other good deals. Therein lies the reason for your high expenses.

It often happens that the new tariff is much more profitable than the current one, so do not put it off. You can modify it directly in the application: study the offers and choose the one that suits you best. It is important for the operator to earn money, but there is no particular desire to rip the user off, and the relevance of new tariff plans is important for correct pricing.

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Mobile services

Additional services of the operator are sometimes connected automatically and “eat” money from the account

The advantage of visiting your personal account on the operator’s site is that you will always be aware of the connected services: all those strangers online movie subscriptions, spam protection, libraries and jokes are expensive. Simply disable what you don’t need: reduce traffic, minutes or sell unused gigabytes. The last function, by the way, is perfectly implemented in Tele2: services from the tariff can be sold on the market, thus recovering almost a monthly subscription. With the help of this simple life hack, you will feel the next month’s savings!

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Virtual telecom operators

A virtual telecom operator is not only more convenient, but often cheaper than usual

Mobile communication is perhaps one of the most important expense items, which it is quite realistic to control. How to save on communications? Try switching to a virtual operator! All modern models iPhone eSIM support. Usually these companies offer their services at a favorable price, offer bonuses, trial periods.

For some operators, communication is totally free: this service is popular with service providers created on banking platforms. If you like traditional cellular operators, take a closer look at their bonuses: connect automatic payment, which offers a discount, join groups and invite friends – these are just a few useful services that allow you to save on cell phonethat come to mind.

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Smartphone with two sims

eSIM has already appeared in Russia and in many ways has proven to be more convenient than conventional SIM cards

Previously, a phone with two SIM cards seemed like a strange thing, but now it’s a vital necessity. It’s good that the iPhone can add a virtual sim, because two pieces are unrealistic. Outraged, create an eSIM you can do this without getting up from the sofa – you just need to put it on the site. So not only do you spend less on communicationbut also to use the advantageous services of different operators.

For example, you will have a number to receive calls – you can select the cheapest price. The other is for fast internet. If your smartphone allows you to add only one SIM card, then just buy yourself a push-button phone for calls – in today’s realities it will certainly not be superfluous, no one will be able to block it remotely .

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Change of cellular operator

Some of my friends from year to year make the same mistake – they use the services of an operator whose quality does not suit them. Well, you know: permanent switch from LTE to 3G, poor voice call quality and so on. But subscription fees are deducted regularly. To tolerate this, of course, is not worth it: study the offers of other providers, buy a new SIM card or issue operator change with number retention.

Switching providers is much easier now than two years ago

A few years ago it wasn’t possible to do this through a mobile app (or was, but didn’t work properly). To do this, you just need verify account on utilities, close debts on cellular communications and sign the necessary documents. The new operator will usually give you a promo period for you to assess the quality of services, and your current operator will call you and, under the pretext of various discounts, beg you to stay. Do you agree? Sure, you can try, but if you’ve complained about issues before and they haven’t been resolved, it’s worth considering.

What ways to save on communications do you know? Share life hacks in the comments!