How to scan documents with your mobile?

We have all found ourselves in the situation of having to send a document with the mobile. The quick and easy option is to take a photo and send it. However, if it’s something important and you need to send it clearly and with quality… we have the solution! When you finish reading this article, you will know how to scan documents perfectly with your mobile ✌

There are many applications that allow us to scan with the mobile with precision and quality very similar to that of a real scanner. Let’s see some of them!

scan documents with your mobile

Scan documents with your mobile with CamScanner

One of the best apps on the market for this purpose is CamScanner. Very similar to a desktop computer: you must click on the camera image and you will access your camera. It allows you to select whether you are going to scan multiple documents or just one. Point and shoot! The application will recognize the document, analyze it and enlarge it full screen as if it were a photocopy. Moreover, it will allow you modify it and make adjustments. Later you can save it in jpg or pdf format.

Moreover, CamScanner has other interesting features:

  • Import from gallery: in this way you can choose a photo or document that you have saved on your mobile and bring it directly to the adjustment phase.
  • Recognize text (premium version only): it will recognize text from an image or text and scan it, so you can use it with any text editor.

Scan documents with your mobile with Google Drive

Nail little-known option with which you can easily scan from your smartphone. Especially, if you already have Google Drive installed on your device, since you won’t have to download any additional apps. And in many cases, this feature of Google Drive goes unnoticed.

First, as we said, you must have Google Drive installed on your device. In the most modern ones, it is already provided by default, otherwise you will have to download it from your store. It is available for Android and iOS.

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Once you have it, you go to the application and on the “+” button then “Scan”. The camera app will open with some changes to its interface. To scan, simply take the photo leaving margins on all four sides so Drive can identify the entire document. Drive will then automatically crop the photo and turn it into a PDF.

Scan multiple documents quickly with Scanbot

If you need fast scanning of many documents, you need Scanbot.

Its operation is similar to the previous ones but detects the edges of the image you are scanning and takes the photo automatically. This way, adding pages to the scan becomes very easy and fast. It also has some editing options. Additionally, you can enable additional features (free with ads or paid for a pro version) which include OCR recognition, themes, automatic screenshot renaming, and more.

Other applications to scan documents with your mobile

There are many other apps in the market that can help you scan documents from your mobile. The features are overall very similar to what we have already seen: access the camera and allow you to do some cropping and adjustments. We have also tried Genius Scan and Tiny Scanner but sometimes they fail in their settings or when taking a photo. So, we recommend that you try the above three first. ☝

If you prefer to take pictures, at least have good quality! Take a look at the phones with the best camera on the market.