How to update the BIOS of a video card (eg AMD RX 570)

obnovit-bios-videokartyiGood time!

If anyone didn’t know, the video card has its own version of the BIOS (basic input/output system). She is responsible for the work of the different elements of the map between them: graphics. cores, memory, cooling systems, etc.

In general, updating the BIOS of a video card is not very often necessary (in most cases, you can “sit” all its life on the native version of the firmware). There will be only a few exceptions:

  • there is a need for overclocking and acceleration of the card (or optimization for a narrow task, mining is the same);
  • there was a problem of incompatibility of the card and the software with other hardware on the PC (because of this, for example, errors may occur in the same games);
  • the board was soldered (replacing a number of elements) and now it needs to be restored to working order.

In general, I personally encountered the second problem (on the list) and, willy-nilly, I had to update the BIOS (at the same time I decided to write a short note). 👌


1) Update the BIOS only when absolutely necessary (just for a new firmware version – clearly not worth it).

2) All your manipulations with the video card based on the materials in this article – you do so at your own risk!


Step-by-step steps to flash a video card


And so, to begin with, we need a specialist. utility for working with AMD video cards – 👉 AMD/ATI VBFlash (Download link).

After downloading it, you will need to unzip the archive and run it as administrator (RMB on “exe” file) executable file (see the example below in the screenshot).

Execute as administrator

Execute as administrator



Next, make sure you only have one video card connected. (if there are several, disable the others) and its model is displayed correctly in the utility (arrow-1 on the screen below).

Then click on the button “To safeguard” and specify the folder on the disk where the rom file with the current working BIOS version will be saved (as a result, the new firmware will work less well – otherwise, it will be easy to put everything back in place!).

Keep the old BIOS version!

Keep the old BIOS version!

To note: The saved file must have the extension “.rom” 👇.

File with old BIOS

Rom file with old BIOS



Now we need the TechPowerUp utility (link to official website).

After you launch it, you’ll see your video card specs (the most basic, except for the card model, which I’ve highlighted). Using these settings, you can start searching for a new firmware version (ROM BIOS file).

Video Card Specifications

Video Card Specifications

At allTo get started, I recommend visiting your card manufacturer’s official website and this webpage:

It has a convenient filter, using which you can quickly find everything that is for your card (pay attention to the highlighted parameters I indicated on the screen above).

Downloading the correct BIOS version

Downloading the correct BIOS version

In general, within the scope of this article, it is not possible to indicate where to find and download the correct ROM file (there are hundreds of combinations for different models and manufacturers of cards).


Be careful when choosing a BIOS version. If you flash with an inappropriate BIOS version, your card may “refuse” to display an image.

In this case, you will need to connect it to a device with an APU (integrated video card) or to a mat. card with a second external card and reflash again.



Before updating the BIOS, I recommend closing all “extra” applications: games, torrents, editors, etc. If there is an uninterruptible power supply, connect the PC to it.

Next, in the AMD VBFlash utility, you need to click on the button “Load Image” and specify the BIOS file with which you want to update the video card. To start the update – click the button “program”.

start blinking

start blinking

The PC will think for 10-20 seconds (the image may flicker/disappear), then if everything went well, you will see a message that the BIOS has been updated and the computer needs to be restarted (examples below 👇). We just agree!

Your BIOS version is up to date

Your BIOS version is up to date

You need to restart the system before you notice the effect of the update

You need to restart the system before you notice the effect of the update


In fact, after restarting the PC, you can enter the utility again TechPowerUp and see how the settings have changed. In general, in most cases, everything should work fine*…

👉 * If there is a problem with the video drivers

The fact is that the latest versions of drivers from AMD check the BIOS of the video card, and if it differs from the original, they “do not want to work”.

This can be easily fixed by “re-signing” the installed drivers. To do this, you need the AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher utility (download link).

Work algorithm:

  1. download the latest AMD drivers for your card (the usual way);
  2. install them, but to disagree to restart your PC!
  3. run the AMD/ATI Pixel Clock Patcher utility – to the question “Patch values ​​found” we answer “Yes”;
  4. after a few seconds the drivers should be fixed (re-signed) and the computer can be restarted. After that, everything should work normally!


Additions on the subject – will be useful!

Well, I have everything on my sim today…

Good luck!


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  • optimization utility
  • computing accelerator

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