How to use Dropbox [5 Consejos Para Comenzar]

Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage services available to the end user. And while it’s not as popular as its major competitors (such as Google Dive), it still has a lot of loyal users because it’s easy to work with. Learn the following way to use Dropbox, with five simple tips.

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What is Dropbox?

Founded in 2007, Dropbox is one of the oldest cloud storage programs available to the end user, having been hugely popular at a time when Google Drive and Apple Icloud didn’t yet exist (Microsoft Ondrive, first called SkyDrive ). Today, the sum of Dropbox users already exceeds 500 million.

The free plan only offers 2GB of storage space, but it’s possible to get an additional 500MB for every new user you can convince to sign up, via Invite Links. The Premium plan provides 2TB of service for $9.99.

How to use Dropbox

Dropbox can access official apps from and Desktop, Mac and Linux), iPhone and Android. You can save files, documents, music and photos, as well as create subfolders and share them with your friends.

1. How to send files, photos and videos

    1. Dropbox menu and tap “(the three parallel lines) in the top left corner;
    2. Tap “Files”;
    3. Touch the folder where you want to save your file then the “+” button;
    4. from here you can choose to send files (any type) OR specifically photos and/or videos. Depending on your choice, the file manager or camera roll will open;
    5. Select the files, photos or videos you want to send and press “Send”.

    2. How to create folders in Dropbox

    1. press the “+” button;
    2. tap “Create new folder”.

    both in the root directory and in other folders.

    3. How to scan a document

    1. press “Scan Document”;
    2. Take a photo and tap the arrow in the upper right corner;
    3. >

    4. Define a name (the document will be saved as a .pdf file) then on the icon;
    5. The document will be saved in the open folder.

    4. How to take a picture

    1. tap “Take photo”;
    2. Take a photo and press “OK”;
    3. the photo will be automatically saved in the open folder.

    5. Share a Folder or File

    1. Tap the three dots next to a folder, then tap “Share”;
    2. Add emails from contacts E Tap “Create link” to create a permanent link that you can send to your friends or colleagues.

    With these five basic steps, you already know how to use Dropbox Cloud.