How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

Discover all you can do with the Pro mode of your smartphone camera.

Due to the great evolution of smartphone cameras in recent years, many users have decided do without a traditional camera and take all the photos with the camera of your mobile.

In this sense, the vast majority of us usually take photos in automatic mode because it is the fastest and easiest way to take a good photo, since it is the camera itself that takes care of choosing the best parameters for each photograph according to the situation.

Pro cover mode

We tell you everything you need to know about your mobile camera’s Pro mode so you can shoot like a pro

However, if you want to go further and take photos with your mobile like a professional, continue reading because, next, we will explain How to Use Your Mobile Camera’s Pro Mode.

How to access the Pro or Expert mode of your smartphone camera

The vast majority of current Android mobile camera apps already have a Pro or Expert mode and, therefore, the only thing you will have to do to start using it is access it.

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For access the Pro or Expert mode of your Android smartphone you just need to perform the following steps:

  • Open the camera app on your mobile
  • Click on the option More
  • Look for Pro mode (in some camera apps it’s called Professional or Expert)
  • Click on it and the interface of this Pro mode will open

How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

What can be configured in Pro mode

When you first open your terminal’s camera Pro or Expert mode, you’ll see a series of options at the bottom that correspond to all parameters you can set manuallyeach of which will be explained below.

What is ISO

How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

ISO is a parameter that controls how the photographic sensor captures light and allows us to force the sensor to capture more lightbut if you go too far, the image will have more “noise”, since the the higher the ISO, the lower the image quality.

What is the shutter speed

The second setting you can configure in the Pro mode of your smartphone camera is shutter speed, which is a component of photographic lenses responsible for measures in seconds the light we let through.

How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

That is, shutter speed refers to the speed at which the lens closes, and therefore the slower that speed the faster it will capture an image, but less light will pass to the sensor.

What is the exposure value

Another of the parameters that you can configure in the Expert mode of the camera of your terminal is the exposure value, which tells us the amount of light reaching the sensor.

How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

Changing this exposure value will allow you take pictures with more or less brightness and depending on the environment you are in and the lighting conditions you have, it will compensate you raise it or lower it.

What is manual focus

As its name suggests, manual focus is a setting that will allow you manually select the focus level that will be used to take a photo.

How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

Thus, thanks to the manual focusing you will be able to choose which part of the photo you want to bring into focus and which parts you want to appear blurrier.

What is white balance

Finally, the last of the settings that you can touch in the Pro mode of your mobile camera is the white balance, which will take care of tuning the tonessince digital cameras record three basic colors: red, green and blue (RGB).

How to use Mobile Camera Pro Mode

By manually adjusting the white balance, we will obtain color photographs much more faithful to reality in any situation.

Is it recommended to use the RAW format?

By default, your smartphone’s camera app takes photos in JPG format, but Pro mode also lets you save photos in RAW format, a digital image file format that contains all image data as captured by the camera’s digital sensor.

This means that at the terminal processing a photo taken in RAW format will take longer only one shot in JPG format and, in addition, the size of the generated file is much larger.

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Therefore, if you are not going to edit a photo later, we recommend that you continue to use the JPG format, because you will be able to take pictures faster and their quality It will be enough to share them on social networks such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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