How to use SberPay on iPhone in Russia

You probably already know that this week Apple terminated the contract with NSPK, which serves Mir cards, because of which they stopped working with Apple Pay. If MasterCard and Visa, having left the Russian market, simply prohibited the tokenization of their cards without disconnecting from the Apple payment service, then Mir was forcibly disconnected. The company not only limited the linking of new cards, but also blocked those that were already linked. As a result, iPhone users lost the ability to pay for their purchases with Apple Pay. But there is more SberPay, which also works on iPhonebut in reduced mode.


SberPay also works on iPhone, but only online


SberPay is a payment service of Sberbank, which was developed for contactless payment of online and offline purchases. In this sense, it is quite similar to Apple Pay, since Apple’s service also allowed payment on the Internet, thus securing transactions. It is much easier to press a button. payment through SberPaythat anyway where to enter your card details and then save it too, so you don’t have to do it again every time.

SberPay – how to log in on iPhone

With iPhone payment SberPay service works in restricted mode because it does not have access to NFC. On iOS, it’s generally strict. But we can’t stop ourselves from using SberPay on iPhone when paying for Internet purchases and online services. For example, I pay them in delivery services. It’s just that I don’t like saving my card data even on sites I know, preferring to pay in such a way that the service doesn’t have direct access to my account.

  • Launch the delivery service application and go to the shopping cart;
  • In the “Payment method” column at the very bottom, select “Edit”;

Paying for online purchases through SberPay is more convenient than with a card

  • In the drop-down window, check the box next to the SberPay service;
  • You will be redirected to the Sberbank Online application, where you need to select a card.

If necessary, the card linked to SberPay can be changed before payment

  • Confirm the selected map and return to the VkusVill app;
  • Add the desired items to your cart and pay for your purchase via SberPay.


Pay with SberPay on iPhone You cannot in all online services, only where this service is supported. However, today their number continues to grow, since neither Google Pay nor Apple Pay in Russia are no longer accepted. I showed how to use it with the Vkusvill app example, although you can use another depending on your preference. But the configuration method is likely to be approximately the same.

How to pay with SberPay on iPhone

Unlike Apple Pay, payment through SberPay online is somewhat different. First, the service does not replace your card number with a special token, as is the case with Apple Pay. SberPay pays via the Internet directly from the card that is connected to the service, without replacing it with anything. And, secondly, SberPay does not require confirmation of an online payment by biometrics, which many may not like, since it reduces the level of security.

SberPay on iPhone does not work for contactless payment, so you do not need to select it as the default payment method like on Android

However, there is another limitation. It resides in the available cards that can be used. Insofar as SberPay is a service of Sberbank, which he did for himself, only Sber cards can be linked to him. It doesn’t matter which payment system serves them. It can be Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Mir, Union Pay or something else. The main thing is that Sberbank itself issues “plastic”. Otherwise it’s dumb cannot connect to SberPay.


By the way, it is very convenient that for payment for purchases through SberPay You can use MasterCard or Visa cards. Despite the fact that these payment systems have left Russia, in our country NSPK is engaged in their processing. Therefore, plastic and virtual cards of such PS will work with SberPay without any problems, including on the Internet. Therefore, release specifically for SberPay World Cardgenerally speaking, there is no need.