iCloud and other Apple services are down in much of the world

The iCloud infrastructure collapsed on Monday. Thousands of users have started reporting the crash of the platform, while the Apple System Status website says there is a problem in a large part of its services. In addition to iCloud, there are also issues with Maps, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, iCloud Mail, and even digital stores, App Store, and iTunes Store. At the moment, yes, those of Cupertino have not shared more details about it.

Mark Gurman, one of the most trusted sources for Apple information, mentions that the company’s internal corporate network, as well as the system used by physical Apple Stores, is also down. This could make it difficult for employees to work remotely, as the vast majority are still working from home. So we are talking about a bigger issue that does not only affect iCloud users.

For Apple Stores, customers cannot pick up products or schedule support and repair appointments. What is the temporary solution when the system is down in an Apple Store? Go to paper and pen, like the good old times. A Twitter user shared this image of employees filling out sheets with purchase forms.

Obviously, we are waiting for more information on this. Apple, like other companies, is usually transparent when these types of situations arise, so in the next few hours – or minutes – we’ll know more details about what happened.

At present, virtually all cloud infrastructures are subject to difficulties from time to time. This isn’t the first time iCloud and the rest of Apple’s services have been down, and it won’t be the last. We will update this post as we have more information.