Ifood Club exchange coupons on delivery discount orders

The ifood has been testing a new product for a few weeks: the IFOOD CLUB has sold $20 coupons for almost all restaurant deliveries. However, the company has changed its mind and changed the product: now you get up to $15 off shipping.

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ifood club (photo: reproduction)

how does the ifood club work?

“You don’t have valid coupons? Save with the ifood club!” warns the application for iPhone or Android. This product has not been officially announced as it is under review by some users: if it is available to you, you can find it by following the profile coupons route.

Ifood Club plans can only be purchased by credit card, there is no right to reimbursement; It is not an automatically renewing signature. In turn, coupons are only accepted when paying by credit card, debit card, or food coupon through the app, not upon delivery.

You can use the coupons any day and at any time, as long as the establishment is open. They’re accepted almost everywhere “except good and cheap and some promotional items,” according to Ifood. Of course, you cannot use more than one coupon on the same request.

delivery discount

Ifood club: Before with a discount on request, now with zero delivery rate (Image: Reproduction)

A few days ago, the IFOOD CLUB allowed to buy $20 coupons to use on orders. The plans had a discount: for example, 3 units were released for R$35 (instead of R$60). For those who usually ask for delivery, both were bargains.

These were the values:

Plan the price you keep 3 coupons of R$ 20 each $35 $25 5 coupons of $20 each R$55 R$45 8 coupons of $20 each $80 R$80

So, without warning, Ifood changed its plans: you now get up to $15 off just shipping, not the total order value. In other words, if the restaurant does free delivery, there is no point in using the coupon.

See the new packages:

plan the price you save td> 4 coupons (delivery) up to $15 each 8r$ up to R$52 6 coupons (delivery up to R$15 each) r$9 up to R$81 12 coupons (delivery) R$15 each R$11.88 up to R$168

ifood tested SIGNATURE PLUS

IFOOD PLUS (Picture: Reading)

At the end of 2018, a signature service called IFOOD Plus was launched which zeroed the delivery rate of any order. It costs R$9.90 or R$19.90 per month depending on the user.

This was only accessible to a limited audience until recently: Ifood Plus was gradually closed during the months of August, September and October. 2020. Some users received a notification like this:


In 2019, Uber tests took place, they ate more, which gave free delivery. For three months on orders over $15. The idea was to study the Brazilian market to offer a specific signature service for delivery, which never saw the light of day.

Instead, we have Uber Pass today: bring 10% off all Uberx, Promo and Flash rides; Plus free shipping at EATES for orders over $30 And for a while there’s Rappi Prime for R$29.90 per month for zero rate shipping.