In addition to Will Smith, no more awkward moments at the Oscars

The incident that led Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars it marked an embarrassing milestone in the history of the event. But that wasn’t the only weak spot in a celebration that showed the show’s format was starting to look worn.

Whether due to the fact that apparently the Oscar has lost the ability to captivate the public, or because your target audience has become more demanding. The truth is that the awards ceremony has become a series of errors in structure, logistics and an increasingly confusing approach. Also, a measure of the inability of large corporations to attract captive audiences to their various celebrations.

If a few months ago the Golden Globe was a failure on several levels, the Oscar ended up showing that the industry is losing power. It does so in the important and significant aspect of its influence on younger generations, new technologies and more powerful platforms. With its antiquated air and its regulations unable to adapt to new requirements and complex limits, the Academy must face the future.

This was all evident at his Academy Awards ceremony, which should demonstrate the strength of the industry after the pandemic pause. But not only was he unable to create a celebration to match, he fell apart amid all sorts of trouble. Some more obvious than others, the more visible, are already part of the history of cinema.

For better or for worse, the last Oscar ceremony marks a path. one in which the institution must rectify or simply disappear in the long journey of transformation of cinema.