In iOS 16, Shazam is much better integrated

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Shazam will be better integrated with synchronization between iOS and the application

For those who are used to use Shazam to identify songsiOS 16 has a surprise with a very important improvement, which although it is minimal, the truth is that it will be very useful.

In case you didn’t know, Apple acquired Shazam in 2018 for $400 million. Later, with the official release of iOS 14.2, a new function integrated into the Control Center which allowed the user to identify songs with one touch thanks to Shazam technology.

Shazam on iOS 16

Until now, it was not possible to save searches performed this way in the Shazam app. That is, if we used the Control Center or Siri search engine, the identified songs could only be opened in Apple Music and saved to the library, but unable to track history unless the searches were done with the app.

This will change with an improvement that will be applied in iOS 16 and which was discovered by the Twitter user @someone_andrewwho posted that from the next iOS update, music recognition with Control Center will be will synchronize with the Shazam application which is on the App Store and which is free.

To add the Shazam button to Control Center You need to go to Settings > Control Center > select Shazam access with the “+” or by dragging the button to the included controls.

Another way to access the track identification history created with the Control Center is holding the Shazam icon. But if you are one of those who trust the app more and even prefer it, iOS 16 will have the perfect solution.

iOS 16 was recently announced with lots of amazing new features. Betas will continue to be released until their official release date and compatible devices will have to wait for their arrival to enjoy of everything the next update will have.

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