Instagram Reels can now raise money for climate change

Instagram has been updating week after week for several months. As a result, we’ve seen a lot of changes and additions to the platform since the start of this year. Among them, the possibility of tagging products on our photos, or the return of the Chronological Start in the application. Now, however, the improvement is much more focused on platform Reels; and it’s only from today funds can be raised using the short videos from Instagram.

As the company explains, now more than 30 countries have this function available. With them you can add a link in the reels so people can donate to over 1.5 million nonprofits at the World level. This Instagram feature had already been found in Stories and in the platform’s live broadcasts for some time.

The new feature was announced by Meta as part of its Earth Day efforts. According to the company in its official blog; more than 4 million people successfully raised over $150 million via Instagram and Facebook. With this money, he seeks to support environmental protection and non-profit organizations that are fighting the effects of climate change around the world.

Since 2020, our global operations have achieved net greenhouse gas emissions and are powered by 100% renewable energy. We have also set ourselves the ambitious goal of achieving net zero emissions across our entire value chain and being water positive by 2030. To reinforce our commitment, we announced several new initiatives …


Instagram has become a big target for donations

Source: Unsplash.

In the official press release, Meta comments that some of the most popular causes supported by the public are those of cleaning up the ocean, Global Forest Fire Fund Yes Sheldrick Wildfire Trust. However, on the platform we can find many others who also deserve help.

A large portion of donations made through Instagram are around less than 20 dollars Americans. Luckily, Meta claims to support any additional commissions the platform may take. This way, every penny donated by users will arrive safely at its final destination.

Meta assures that its fight against climate change has become a priority. The company also comments that, since 2020, its operations are based on fully renewable energy. Likewise, they hope to continue on this same path and be able to achieve this same achievement by 2030, but oriented towards water services.

Together, we can all help take care of the environment. We hope you will join us to learn more and participate in this Earth Day.

For it, Initiatives have been announced, such as tackling climate misinformation, accelerating the transition to renewable energy; water restoration projects, accelerating carbon sequestration technologies and continue climate research. Additionally, they will use the power of artificial intelligence to fight climate change, while seeking to invest in sustainable journalism.

Finally, both on Facebook and Messenger, Meta has decided to launch a few stickers and frames for profiles. With them, they seek that users can show their support for environmental causes publicly.