Instagram takes inspiration from TikTok to make it easier to create Reels

Feeling lacking in creativity when creating a Reel on Instagram? Well, it looks like that won’t be a problem anymore. According to a report by Business Internthe platform is testing a new feature that will allow its users to create Reels using templates designed by other people.

The feature of using templates to create videos has been around on TikTok for quite some time. This allows many users to quickly access popular app trends without having to overdo it. Now it finally seems Meta takes it into account for Instagramalthough it is still in beta.

In gadget They comment that, at the moment, “only a small number of influencers they can access itFor this reason, it will probably take some time for other users of the platform to be able to use the benefits of the models in the reels.

We’re always working on new ways to make coils easier to create. We are testing the possibility of creating a Reel using an existing model from another.

Meta at TechCrunch

However, since January, it seems that this option is under development. Developer Alessandro Paluzzi is the one who discovered the first hints of this feature through reverse engineering in the Instagram code.

In March, the influencer Josephine Hill also tweeted about it: “What I was looking for, especially with the Instagram Reels, was for it to be like TikTok audio sync, where the clips line up perfectly to the beat of the music.” commented on influencer between Business Intern. Now it looks like finally your dreams are coming true.

Instagram adapts its Reels to the spirit of the times

Instagram has been relying heavily on the video format for several years now. In fact, in the past few months only, he has released a lot of features that are coming inspired by the most popular of TikTok. Among them we have the possibility of remixing other Reels —Instagram’s proposal to TikTok Duets—.

We’ve also seen new options that allow you to donate directly to environmental causes from Reels. In addition, Instagram has already confirmed a change in its algorithm stop giving visibility to those who only upload their videos from TikTok to your platform.

Instagram has confirmed that will bet twice on the video format in 2022. And not just anyone, but specifically the Reels. In fact, right now it’s the easiest way to get known and followers of this social network. Gone are the days when messages were everything.

Of course, there is still time before these templates are available to all users. Stay tuned for Instagram news to find out when it will hit the global market.