“Internet not working after changing router! » What to check to correct. Main causes of the problem

No internet access!Have a good time everyone!

The subject of today’s post is inspired by recent history…

The other day a neighbor asked why the internet wasn’t working for him (he didn’t want to wait 2 days for tech support… 😥). Looking into the web interface of his Wi-Fi router (which he just changed that day!) – it became clear that he forgot to specify “some” settings. Of course, it was easy to fix…

In fact, this little word was “born” like that. I will bring several. the most common reasons for lack of Internet access that occur when replacing a Wi-Fi router (I recommend checking them before bothering the Internet Service Provider and waiting for their technical support…) .

To note: documents on the configuration of routers and the local network 📌 can be found in this section of the site. There are answers to many popular problems/questions.


The content of the article

Causes. What to check

No connection to Wi-Fi router

Firstand the most banal: check if your laptop (computer) is connected to a Wi-Fi router?!

Just pay attention even to the network icon in the status bar (next to the clock). be open network connections (combination Win + Rand order ncpa.cpl) and see the status of the network card.

To note: it’s just that many have automatic connection to the old Wi-Fi network. By the way, for the same reason they cannot open the web interface (personal account) of the router.

Network connection

Network connection


Undefined connection parameters

Then you need to look at the Internet connection settings in the web interface of the router (section “Network/WAN”).

The thing is, many internet service providers need specify manually: IP, login, password and other data, depending on type of connection (for example, the screenshot below shows entering a username and password when using PPPoE // login and password must be specified In the contract for the provision of communication services with your provider).

📌 To help!

How to open Wi-Fi router settings (personal account) //+ what to do if its web interface does not open.

Network - Internet connection settings

Example 1: Netis router. Network – Internet connection settings

Internet setup (PPPOE connection)

Example 2. Comfast Router. Internet setup (PPPOE connection)


MAC address not cloned

Some Internet Service Providers have a “trick”: when you connect your PC to the Internet for the first time, they “remember” the MAC address of the router / network card (and each device has its own, unique ).

Therefore, when you change the router (network card), the MAC address of the device changes and the provider blocks access to the network. How to avoid it?

Just look at the sticker on the body of the old router: in most cases it shows the MAC address of the device (if not, see this note).

Sticker on the bottom of the router case

Sticker on the bottom of the router box // MAC address specified!

Then in the settings of the “new” router (in the web interface) you need to clone the MAC address of the old device (in my opinion, this option is available in all modern routers! See the WAN / Internet / Network and other derivative parameters).

Netis - how to clone a MAC address

Example 1. Netis router – how to clone MAC address

Network - Internet - Mercusys (MAC address cloning)

Example 2: Network – Internet – Mercusys (MAC address cloning)



By the way, no one excludes “coincidences” – perhaps at the very moment when you replaced the equipment – the supplier threw them. to work. Therefore, if the above recommendations did not help, try calling them. Support…


If you decide the problem differently – share comments, additions on the topic are welcome! Thank you in advance!

Good luck!


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