iOS 15.4 is already the only version you can install, Apple stops signing iOS 15.3.1

We already have iOS 15.4 available, and that has become the only version you can install right now.

Just a few days ago, Apple officially released iOS 15.4, and in almost a week it has become the only version we can install. Officially, Apple has stopped signing iOS 15.3.1, the previous version of iOS 15.4, so in case of any problem and having to restore our iPhone, we must necessarily install iOS 15.4.

This is a major update, iOS 15.4 arrives with good newsamong which the new option to unlock the iPhone with Face ID and a mask without the need for Apple Watch, the 37 new emojis available and the new Tap to Pay function stand out.

iOS 15

In iOS 15.4 we find many important new features

What is iOS Release Signing and How It May Affect You

Apple is very jealous of the versions of software that can be installed on its devices and does not allow the downloadable version, which we all know as demote. For this reason, each operating system that is installed must be activated by a “signature” on Apple’s servers, if it does not receive this signature, it cannot be installed.

In other words, if you have an old version of iOS 15, or even an old one, and you want to update or restore your iPhone, you will not be able to install iOS 15.4, since it is the only version that Apple signs at the moment. If you try, even manually, to install a previous version, the update will fail because when communicating with Apple’s servers, it will not obtain the necessary signature to be installed on your iPhone.

12 important news that come with iOS 15.4

If you are a normal user, it won’t affect you too much. Ultimately, most of us want to be on the latest version possible and enjoy all the new features. But this is something that particularly affects those who have the jailbreak, because if for some reason they are forced to restore their iPhone, they will have to install the latest version of iOS and they will no longer be able to perform the jailbreak.

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