iPhone 14 could include eSIM only

eSIM is the future and at least one of the iPhone 14 models could arrive in some markets with eSIM only.

iPhone 14 could include eSIM only

The eSIM has been with us for several years and allows enjoy all the benefits of a traditional SIM card without having to insert anything into the device. This allows having a SIM card in devices as small as the Apple Watch, as well as having a dual SIM card in iPhones without taking up more space. It is a technology that seems to triumph and Apple could give it a new boost with the iPhone 14.

Apple is generally a pioneer when it comes to taking these types of measures and eSIM is a natural evolution. The question is not whether this will be the system of the future, it’s really when manufacturers will implement it, since the eSIM offers multiple advantages.

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Will the iPhone 14 only arrive with eSIM?

An iPhone 14 only with eSIM?

It seems, the eSIM is very successful in certain markets such as Europe and Asia. And that might lead Apple to make the decision to launch eSIM-only iPhone models, and the iPhone 14 might be one of the frontrunners.

However, this measure would be taken in stages, offering terminals only with eSIM but keeping the other models with a traditional SIMAt least that’s what Emma Mohr-McClune, an analyst at GlobalData, hopes.

We don’t think Apple will take the “big bang” approach, abandoning legacy systems and moving all users to eSIMs, but instead launching an eSIM-only variant of its next new model, retaining the more physical dual SIM eSIM slot model for the mass market.

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Will Apple dare to take the plunge?

In fact, it’s something that Apple has “started testing” with the iPhone 13. These devices allow two eSIM cards at the same time, so you don’t even need to use a physical SIM card to have multiple lines on iPhone. And in iOS 16 we also saw new related settings, like the one that allows us to transfer the eSIM from one iPhone to another.

The advantages of an iPhone with only eSIM

On the one hand, users would have a important advantage when changing operator. We would not need our operator to send the SIM card and the change could be done in seconds. Popularizing this technology would mean that most carriers in the world would have to offer eSIM if they wanted to be on the iPhone.

And on the other hand, removing the SIM card slot would improve water resistance of the iPhone, because it is one of the most delicate points, and would save a lot of interior space which could be used for other things, like gaining some extra battery

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Apple has already popularized changes of this style in the past, first with the micoSIM then with the nanoSIM, forcing all operators to offer them. And the rest of the smartphone followed the same direction. Therefore, it is not something that surprises us as an iPhone 14 rumor.