iPhone 14 Pro cameras will be bigger thanks to the new 48-megapixel sensor

A new leak reveals why the iPhone 14 Pro’s cameras will protrude so much from the device.

Apple should launch its new iPhone 14 in the month of September and we already know a lot about them thanks to leaks. One of the first rumors to appear was that Apple would change the design of the rear camera module and that the sensors would be located flush with the body of the device. However, leaked schematics indicate that won’t be the case, and now Ming-Chi Kuo tells us why.

From what we’ve seen in the latest leaks, the iPhone 14 Pro camera module will be bigger and the cameras will protrude even more From the device. With the iPhone 12 Apple managed to make them stand out very little, but with the iPhone 13 that has changed again, in the same way that it looks like it will change with this year’s models.

iPhone 14 Pro

This green color really suits the iPhone 14 Pro

The main reason for this, as stated by Ming-Chi Kuo on his Twitter account, is the new 48 megapixel sensor which will use the main camera of the iPhone 14 Pro. Something that would force the camera to protrude more from the body of the device.

The main reason for the larger and more prominent rear camera bump on the 14 Pro/Pro Max is the wide-angle camera upgrade to 48MP (up from 12MP on the 13 Pro/Pro Max). The diagonal length of 48MP CIS will increase by 25-35%, and the height of the 48MP 7P lens will increase by 5-10%.

The cameras will continue to stand out from the iPhone for another year

All iPhone Models Released of the iPhone 6 generation have a camera that protrudes from the body of the device. The iPhone 5S was the last to have a flush camera on the device, along with the first-generation iPhone SE which inherited the same design.

iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro aims very, very high

This is due to the fact physically the cameras do not fit into the device. It’s not a design quirk, Apple has no choice but to make the iPhone thicker. Something that seeing the weight of its latest models might not be too recommendable.

If the iPhone 14 doesn’t have this, it will be a disaster

It’s unclear if Apple has ditched this redesign with the cameras flush with the device or if it’s something that was once in the company’s plans. But what now seems clear is that The iPhone 14 will have a camera module similar to the current one but larger. The main design change will be on the front with the double hole on the screen, yes this will be something exclusive to the Pro models.

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