iPhone recovery: comparison of popular programs in Russia

It seems that only the lazy did not scold the takeover of smartphones: it is unprofitable, the price of the old device is underestimated, it is better to resell it on the Internet. A trade-in is thought to be quite viable – it’s a great way to get rid of an old device and get a discount on a new one. There are many such services, the size of the discount for a new device is the same, more or less, that’s why buyers bypass these places. We found several stores where an old smartphone (and even more than one) can be switch to iphone, get a fair discount on a new release, or even buy an iPad. Find out how not to sell too low and reap the benefits.

We determine which exchange is the most profitable and why

How to sell your iPhone

Sell ​​old smartphone – it’s another adventure. You need to put it in a salable state, take a nice picture, factory reset it, create a backup copy, then patiently answer messages or even calls from people who are ready to get it back in 3 minutes, but at a the price. Confronted with this ? I think so: everyone who decides to sell a smartphone on the Internet goes through it. It takes a long time, but everyone wants to get the most out of it and not sell too cheaply.

Reselling a smartphone remains a headache

Think about it: after all, you still have to meet the buyer, spend time and money on the road. If the cost of the road is not so high, then the time spent is valued much more expensive. Additionally, the buyer can all for allrequest a discount for any reason. In all, smartphone sale is an energy-intensive process that turns into a real quest.

But I know people who don’t like to waste their time and immediately go to the communication fair to Trade-in your old smartphone: it is a little more convenient, but the nuances overlap all the advantages. For example, the desired model is not always available for exchange, and different salons have their own discounts and conditions. What to do?

Стоит ли сдавать старый iPhone в трейд-ин

The most profitable trade-in smartphones

I am often approached by friends asking how to sell a smartphone profitably. First of all, I always recommend considering the possibility Smartphone trade-in: it scares the guys away, but all is not so bad. The trade-in service demonstrates how flexible it can be to exchange an old smartphone for a new one. But before that, you have to pay attention to the conditions: taking the example of several companies, I will tell you what you can count on.

Got an old iPhone? Redeem it profitably and get promotion discount

Choose your own device, features and status – right before your eyes discount on new smartphone. For example, for my 64 GB iPhone SE 2020 in good condition, the service offers 16,000 rubles – quite rightly for a smart smartphone, but not the most modern.

  • Megafon has more loyal requirements regarding the condition of the smartphone: minor scratches are allowed, but only one device can be returned. At the same time, you can even hand over a broken device that does not work – for a penny, but they will accept it from you.
  • Megafon is ready to accept even non-working smartphones

  • The exchange in Svyaznoy is a little more demanding: they will not take a smartphone or other device that does not turn on. But you can rent several gadgets at once, including a laptop. The site even has a trade-in calculator to calculate the approximate cost. I tell you more below.
  • Pay attention to the return on Goodcom.ru (“Good connection”): there is the best price when you return your smartphone. For the iPhone SE 2020 we are ready to offer 16,600 rubles and an additional discount of 2,500 rubles! You can rent several smartphones at the same time.
  • Goodcom has the highest cost of smartphones

But what if you have another smartphone on your desk that you still can’t sell? You can include it in the exchange – the amount of the discount will increase! For example, my old iPhone 7 32 GB is in good condition, which will no longer receive iOS 16. But one cannot exchange several devices everywhere.

Buy a profitable iPhone 12

My friend has an iPhone 12, my best friend has it too, everyone is happy. I wouldn’t refuse it either: now is the time to buy the device, when there is no shortage of them. I choose an iPhone 12 for 64 GB on the MTS site (I don’t need more memory) all colors are available – I take purple. I can Trade two iPhones and get a discount in addition to the one currently on the site. It can be increased with the help of additional devices, bringing the cost of a new product to 1 ruble. I know it’s hard, but at home you can find some old smartphones.

MTS’s exchange option seems a little more profitable than the others

By the way, if you don’t want to pay for the goods immediately, that’s enough buy an iPhone on credit or by installments: for this, you must contact a salon advisor or select the desired payment method on the site. Ideal for those who don’t want to shell out a pretty penny, but with an additional discount upon returning an old smartphone. By the way, the discount can be spent on the entire product line: the main condition is that the new gadget should not cost less than what you handed over.

Единственный минус - оценивать устройство будут исключительно в салоне, а на сайте примерных цен нет.

What to buy instead of iPhone

As I said above, you can spend the amount received from the trade-in of the old iPhone on other devices. For example, iPad. In MTS and Megafon there are small problems with this – they simply do not exist. Therefore, I suggest buying from Svyaznoy, having calculated the cost of the iPhone SE 2020: so, the iPad Pro 11 on M1 will cost 122,500 rubles. Too much, but cheaper, and the old iPhone is in business.

The iPad is expensive, but still a bit cheaper with a trade-in

As a rule, any exchange offers to exchange old devices for new gadgets, among which there are even quadcopters and action cameras. Now some equipment is rare, but in the list of companies you can always find one in which the conditions are better. In general, do not rush to quickly sell old iPhones – perhaps they will still be useful for you to buy new devices, avoiding unnecessary gestures.

When buying a smartphone, there is no additional discount for buying a new one, so the benefit is less

If you can’t wait, then Svyaznoy and Goodcom have smartphone buybackbut in this case they will give less money for the device than with an exchange: in Svyaznoy, when handing over an exchange, the same cost remains in the calculator, and in Goodcom the amount is less, because there is no additional 2500 rubles discount for a new smartphone.

iPhone 12 Warranty

All trade-in services have one thing in common: you can’t return an iPhone or other device that you’ve returned. On the other hand, it is not necessary. Exchange or return policy of the device purchased are the same: there is nothing supernatural, all the points are clearly stated and there are no questions. Plus, there’s no fine print that you often overlook.

The iPhone 12 isn’t cheap: there are cheaper options, but here with installments

The same applies to warranty obligations – they are available when choosing a new device. In the event of a breakdown, you can contact the authorized services. By the way, iPhones imported through parallel imports have already gone on sale in online stores. How they differ and whether it is worth buying them – told in our article.

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summing up my exchange experience from different sellers, I would like to say that lately it has become omnivorous: here is the possibility of renting several different devices at once, getting a fair discount for them, and exchange for other Apple devices, and interest-free installments and even the possibility of earning cashback when paying by card. More importantly, companies are selling new iPhones and other devices with much-needed warranties in these trying times.