iPhone repair in Russia has become almost impossible because of Apple. So what is it now

In the light of well-known events, many companies have reduced their activities in Russia. This concept also includes the almost complete shutdown of all supplies to our country. If there is a problem with importing equipment using parallel import managed to solve, then with spare parts for maintenance, everything is not so simple. It is always possible to buy the spare parts yourself in other countries, but it will be much more difficult to obtain equipment to repair.

iPhone repair

If the shortage of components persists, the repair time will continue to increase.


According to Izvestia, in recent days there have been more and more user complaints about problems with Apple Technology Repair. If they still try to more or less fulfill the warranty obligations, although they warn about the increase in delays, there are cases of refusal in out-of-warranty repairs. Let’s see if it’s real now fix your iphone and how long it may take.

iPhone repair in Russia

The conditions for replacing the rear panel of any iPhone are also not called.

All manufacturers, especially Apple, are required by law to provide repair services for their devices within two years of warranty and for the lifetime of the device without guarantees. Accordingly, spare parts for maintenance should be supplied to Russia. If the parts supply is halted in Cupertino and the company cannot fulfill its obligations to customers, then Apple will face serious legal action.

To date, a complete shutdown Apple Device Service in our country is out of the question. Therefore, we can conclude that there is no supply of components, but they are made. We contacted several Apple Authorized Service Centersto clarify how realistic it is today replace iphone 12 battery and screen. These are the most popular services provided by service centers. Several ASCs are located in Moscow, but in order not to collect statistics only for the capital, they also took the ASC to Novosibirsk.

According to representatives of these services, it is possible to solve problems with the devices described by us, but often not on the day of the call. Only some service centers in Moscow offer iphone battery replacement for 1 working day, in Novosibirsk this period increases to 7-10 working days.


Moreover, the testimonies of the different organizations diverge. Some said that for this they would send the device to the representative office of Apple, while others explained the increased delay by the fact that spare parts are now only available on order and for a specific model. We don’t know who to believe in this situation, but the truth can be both there and there.

Where to fix iPhone without warranty

Regarding the replacement of the screen. In one service, we were refused with the phrase: “It’s better to be like this for the moment, at least you will have a telephone”, justifying it by the lack of screens. And in the rest they agreed to take the device for repair, but did not even give an approximate time frame. Apparently, it was the screens that became the main problem during repairs.

However, our friends, the Apple Pro Service Center, have no such problems. The guys assured us that they had enough batteries and screens in stock to meet any demand. So if your iPhone just needs replacing, you know who to contact.

Is it worth buying an iPhone

Devices imported by parallel import will be more difficult to repair than those imported by the manufacturer.

For those who are currently considering purchasing new Apple devices, an article has been published on our website regarding the warranty for equipment imported in parallel import. Remember that these gadgets are covered by the seller’s warranty. In the event of a problem or identification of a marriage, it is necessary to request warranty service from the seller or the Apple Pro service center, where there is no problem with the availability of components.


If you take such a device to a manufacturer’s authorized service center, you will likely be denied service. At the same time, the seller’s repair time can be an order of magnitude greater, since it is necessary to obtain spare parts from somewhere.

Where to Repair Apple Devices

Therefore, before buying, we advise you to rationally determine whether it is worth buying a device now, which, in the event of a problem, will be quite difficult and time-consuming to repair. Probably not. In defense of Apple, I can say that since 2011, having changed six different iPhones, five iPads and two AirPods, it has never been necessary to go to service centers for any type of repair. Of course, no one is immune to marriage. If the need for a new toy is much stronger, then let the purchase bring you only joy, and do not wait for spare parts at the service center.