Is Elliot Page returning to ‘The Umbrella Academy’ as the usual Vanya?

June 22 begins the third season of The Umbrella Academy. Netflix has just confirmed the release date, in addition to including a trailer for the new episodes. In the brief footage, members of the Hargreeves family can be seen about to face off against their peers at Sparrow Academy. Also a first image of Vanya, played by Elliot Page, which answers many of the questions posed around the character.

As we remember, the actor declared himself trans in the recording interval between seasons. So many fans wondered if she would continue playing Vanya, a fictional lesbian.

The answer was clarified with a brief look at Vanya, who returns with no notable changes in the new season of the show. Or at least that’s what was deducted from the first advance. Ever since Netflix announced the actor would be playing the character again in the new season of The Umbrella Academy, there were questions about whether there would be a substantial change with Elliot Page. And the big answer seems to be that Page will show off her skills to play the mighty sister Hargreeves without major modifications.

The group of brothers is back with The Umbrella Academy


On December 1, 2020, Elliot Page came out trans in a one-sided statement that published via his Instagram account. In the text, the actor stressed that it was a decision he had to make to be happy. “I love being trans. And I love being queer. And the more I fully embrace who I am, the bigger my heart grows and the more I thrive.”

There were questions about whether the actor’s gender identity could affect how he portrays the character.

The published announcement took place before the recording of the third season of The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, so there were questions about Vanya’s future. The character, part of the powerful Hargreeves family, is a lesbian woman. There were questions about whether the actor’s gender identity might affect how he portrays the character.

The trailer that shows Page as Vanya is the first image from the reboot of hell on Netflix starring trans actress Jamie Clayton. The next film directed by David Bruckner will have as its main center the character of Pinhead, who this time will be played by Clayton. So how much The Umbrella Academy com the horror film shows the progression of today’s queer actors.

Vanya in the eye of the hurricane

Ellen Page has a tough job ahead of her. Vanya has walked a very difficult path of self-exploration of her powers, until she has reached a relative balance that closes season two of the Netflix series. It is expected that in its new chapters, The Umbrella Academy take a closer look at how the character’s powers work.

Especially from a much more elaborate and certainly less destructive angle. A whole new challenge not only for the writers of the series, but also for the actor who must navigate the wide range of a complicated character.