Is it possible to buy Yandex.Hand station and how to check it

Not so long ago, Yandex.Station 2 was introduced: the brand column with Alice was noticeably updated, it became lighter, more compact and faster. Despite currency fluctuations, Yandex at the start of sales asked only 16,990 rubles for a new gadget – quite an adequate price considering the cost of, for example, Yandex.Station Max. After almost 3 months, the column can be found even cheaper on markets and other electronics sellers with accrued or written off bonuses. But here buy Yandex.Station from the hand definitely not worth it. We tell you how high they are when buying smart speakers from Yandex on Avito and even in trusted places.

It is dangerous to buy Yandex.Station by hand. What is the problem?


Is it possible to buy Yandex Station with hands

Like many other users, I prefer to buy many products exclusively new in stores: it’s natural, because unboxing a new gadget is always a pleasure, whether it’s AirPods, iPhone or some Apple Pencil. And buying a second-hand gadget is like finding yourself without those same emotions. Yandex.Station is one of my favorite devices: although it is expensive, it is better to buy it in a store with a receipt, packaged and with a guarantee. And even then, you still want to save more: some trusted sellers offer to buy it for 13,000 instead of 17 or even less. Nothing portends trouble – you have to take it!

Yandex.Station 2 has been noticeably improved, but there is still a desire to buy it cheaper than face value

Take your time. The other day I came across a message from an online store owner: there he said that the previously exhibited completely new and boxed Yandex.Station 2, which was immediately sold out, stopped working . The main thing is that such a column looks ordinary and does not stand out in any way. We believe that once Yandex.Station is not counterfeit, there is no need to check. But in vain.

After purchase, Yandex.Station works for a few days, then it is blocked – you need to make a payment, but not for Yandex.Plus, but for the station subscription itself! Yes, yes, the problem is that the new sealed subscription columnslinked to a single account. The worst is to bypass the lock or Unable to pay subscription – in fact, columns after activation become absolutely useless.

Опыт использования Яндекс Станции 2: хорошо, но необычно

Yandex station by subscription

As I said above, the seller is a proven and reliable supplier of equipment: he refunded money for non-working Yandex.Stations to his customers, but this is a rare case. If you buy one for a character with Avito, you can absolutely end up without money and with an unnecessary Yandex.Station, which can only be used as a Bluetooth speaker. The subscription station is linked to the account and you need to pay it monthly at 829 rubles for 3 years or 1699 rubles for a year (if we are talking about Yandex.Station 2).

Unexpectedly: instead of a new Station, a subscription column falls into the hands

Only then will the column become yours and, according to the terms of the agreement, the subscription cannot be canceled. Fraudsters use it and then quickly resell it at a very low price. And there are many such stories on the Internet, so buy Yandex.Station on Avito individuals are clearly not worth it.

Yandex warns that it is better not to buy columns from the hands

Judging by what we managed to find out about these incidents, neither Yandex Support nor Avito will help you. The seller, of course, will not contact you, so you can say goodbye to money. The downside is that Yandex does not track columns in any way, parts of which are released in limited quantities. Also, the company does not indicate information on the box – distinguish Yandex.Station by subscription of the usual is impossible. The devices themselves are issued on the site without documents, only a bank card is linked to the Yandex account, which the attackers managed to unlink. After that, the column operates for another 7 days in preferential mode, then it is blocked. In short, friends will certainly remind you that a miser pays twice. And there are many such cases: you can google it yourself.

Этой фишки из Яндекс.Музыки никогда не будет в Apple Music. Что такое Нейромузыка

Where to buy Yandex.Station cheaper

First of all, it is better to buy it in official retail: retail chains, markets, where there is at least some kind of guarantee from the seller, management control, support service and returns. If you still plan to buy Yandex.Station from your hands on Avito, do not forget to protect yourself.

Each speaker has a serial number on the box or on the bottom of the station

  • Be sure to ask the seller to send you a serial number (SN) or a unique identifier (UUID): one of them is always on the box, in the Yandex application or on the column itself. even below.
  • After that, follow the link and enter the received combination in the field for verification.
  • The system will notify you if this column can work without subscription.

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So you can check Yandex.Station for authenticity and not lose money. It is mandatory to ask for the serial number of a connected speaker, as you do when buying an iPhone, otherwise you risk ending up with a suitcase without a handle.