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I bought a new phone, installed a SIM card and an SD memory card. Then I logged into my Google account. Everything seems to have been loaded, but in the phone book, all contacts have duplicates (i.e. 2 times). Instead of 150 lines – now 300!

Is there a way to clean up extra duplicates without manually opening each row and deleting one by one?


Yes, it happens often after changing phones and importing contacts, reinstalling various instant messengers (Viber, Telegram, etc.), replacing the SIM card, etc. Of course, if you have a lot of these duplicates (example in the photo below), cleaning them manually is always fun… 😥

Below I’ll offer some safe automatic methods on how to combine these sockets (so the phone book doesn’t grow to unbelievable sizes!).


📌 Important!

If you are unsure of your actions and the menu of the new phone is unfamiliar to you, before any operation to eliminate duplicates, I recommend that you backup your current contacts to an SD card (for example).

Duplicates of all contacts (example of the issue. Android 10)

Duplicates of all contacts (example of the problem, Android 9)


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Remove duplicates from phonebook

Method 1 (phone settings)

In many modern smartphones, the phone book is enough “intelligent” – itself can delete duplicates if it receives such a command (however, many users do not even know that this is possible 👀). I will show an example on an Honor/Samsung smartphone (in other brands of phones many will be similar!)


First you need to open the phone book (and go to “Contacts” // or open them immediately, like I did in the screenshot below). Then click on the “three dots” and go to settings phone book. 👇

Open the Contacts app on your phone

Open the Contacts app on your phone

Among the various menus there should be a mode on contact management – we need him! When you open it, you will see the function to merge duplicate contacts – Enable!

In fact, after that the phone will automatically select all duplicates – just confirm the operation by clicking “Combine”.

Contact management - merge duplicate contacts

Contacts Management – Merge Duplicate Contacts (Honor, Android 9)

Contacts app - Samsung phone

Contacts App – Samsung Phone (Android 10.0)

On the sim the problem must be solved! There should be no duplicate matches in the phone book. 😉

No duplicate contacts - problem solved!

No duplicate contacts – problem solved!


Method 2 (Google account)

This method is fast, safe and versatile! Especially since many people have a Google account.


What to do:

  1. open the Google contacts page in the browser: 📌 (better on a computer – it’s more convenient);
  2. select the item from the left menu “Combine and fix…”;
  3. then Google will automatically find the same contacts and offer to merge them – you just need to agree with this (see screenshot below). 👇
An easy way to clean up your contacts!

An easy way to clean up your contacts!


📌 If you don’t have a Google Account – I recommend creating it and enabling contacts sync in phone settings as shown in the screenshot below 👇 (it will help you if you lose device / sound change – it will be possible to quickly restore all contacts and phone numbers from the address book).

Account Sync - Contacts - Android Settings

Account Sync – Contacts – Android Settings


Method 3 (special software)

📌 Important! This method is not as secure as the previous ones. Some apps may not be stable… so make a backup of your current contact list first.


What apps do you recommend: “Duplicate Contacts”, “Contacts Remover”, “Simpler Merge Duplicates”, etc. (all are available on the Play Market).

Working with them boils down to the following: After installing any of the software, you need to allow access to contacts and scan them. Then the application will present a report and offer to remove the excess – if everything is correct – you can agree! An example is below. 👇

I have personally used the Duplicate Contacts app – worked perfectly on Android 9.0…

Duplicate contacts.  Found 2 identical contacts in the book under different lines...

Duplicate contacts. Found 2 identical contacts in the book under different lines…


Other solutions and recommendations are welcome in the comments!

Good luck!


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