Is this the perfect iPhone? No thanks

Each new generation of iPhone turns out to be more interesting than the previous one, but in recent years there have not been so many visible changes. Probably, in 2 years we will have a significant smartphone upgrade, but for now we have to be content with what we have. Some users try to improve the smartphone with their own hands: you have all heard that a craftsman added a USB Type-C connector to the iPhone and sold it for several thousand dollars. But the experiments do not stop there: an engineer from the Celestial Empire meets the best iphonethat we could only imagine. Here’s what he got.

Is it possible to create the perfect iPhone? Why not!


How to improve the iPhone

The developers have not yet been able to create jailbreak ios 15: we wrote about the installation attempts in November, but since then the matter has not moved forward. At the moment there is no jailbreak even for iOS 14, in any case, we don’t know: nobody wants to report vulnerabilities, otherwise Apple will fix them in later updates. Jailbreaking iOS 15 is unlikely, and does it make sense? The system has all the necessary functions, so it is unlikely that any of the ordinary users will agree to experiment with their iPhone in this way.

Jailbreak for iOS 15 will probably never be released

Although, if Apple continues to restrict users in our country or disable iPhone in Russiathen we would need the opportunity install the jailbreak. In addition, you also need to somehow modify the iPhone, but unfortunately such a possibility does not exist and it is unlikely to be. The last attempt to crack iOS 15.3.1 was made not too long ago: the concept of a vulnerability was submitted, allowing the community to start development, but there is still nothing to look forward to .

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iPhone X-Type C

iPhone with Type-C sold for almost 100 thousand dollars

Creation attempts Perfect iPhone there were a lot of them, but only the case where the craftsman added Type-C connector in iPhone. It is surprising how popular his invention became: the auction started from $1, but by the end of the first day, the auction price reached $3,000. As a result, the smartphone was sold for $86,000, although there were better offers, reaching $100,000.

Such a high price is due to the labor-intensive process: the craftsman published a detailed report on the work on Github, after studying which it becomes clear that it will be very difficult to repeat the trick by yourself. The customization process involves the introduction of additional microcircuits, which is already fraught with the failure of the iPhone.

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The best iPhone

Not so long ago, a Chinese engineer posted a video in which he assembled the “iPhone of dreams”: he added a second battery, a Type-C connector and a cooling system with two fans to the smartphone . The iPhone 13 Pro Max was taken as the basis, which already has a fairly powerful battery (in any case, better than the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra). Admittedly, the smartphone has doubled in size, but has benefited from additional autonomy: the frames show how much the operating time of the two smartphones differs.

There’s three times the battery left on a custom iPhone. miracles!

No doubt there is some error in the calculations, but the fact that at the same time a standard smartphone shows 14% charge, and its “pumped” version – 45% says a lot. Moreover, ideal iPhone has become more powerful: at AnTuTu, the customized smartphone scored 870,244 points against 715,809 for the “store version” – a figure even higher than that of the iPad mini 6 (839,675).

In terms of performance, the improved iPhone 13 Pro Max bypassed the iPad mini 6

More surprising is how omnivorous the smartphone has become: it has a Type-C port, a headphone jack, and Lightning itself has also remained. Craftsman didn’t talk about the order in which the charging ports will work, nor did he mention their performance. But the two cooling fans of the iPhone 13 Pro Max are a really interesting point: they have transformed the iPhone into a real gaming smartphone so that it does not overheat under very heavy loads and does not lose power.

The custom iPhone 13 Pro Max has become almost 100 g heavier

By the way, after all the manipulations iPhone got heavier – almost 100 g difference! The standard iPhone 13 Pro Max weighs 238g, while its custom model weighs nearly 325g. Imagine smartphones gaining that much weight. Are you ready to carry one in your pocket?

The iPhone has three ports. How they work is unknown.

Of course, the experiment turned out to be quite interesting, but there are still more questions than answers. If everything is clear with the performance of the iPhone (the smartphone works, the battery status is displayed, benchmarks are launched), then questions remain about the ports: they look nice collective farm and twisted, the charging process itself was not shown. Yes, and headphones were inserted into the Type-C connector, not a charging cable. Nevertheless, the experiment is quite daring – the Chinese engineer cannot but be applauded for the work done.

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Turns out anyone can upgrade your iPhone and do a little better. Of course, there’s no need to repeat it, but the very fact that it’s quite possible to do so is a little pleasing: even if Apple will leave Russia forever, your old iPhone will not be lost.