it costs around $200 and is over a meter tall

Xiaomi introduced its new home device, a fan that also acts as a purifier and comes with some cool features.

A new device has just joined Xiaomi’s product catalog for the home. This is a high rise fan and air purifier, perfect for working in any room of the house. Yes, the same device performs both tasks: exhaust fresh air and improve air quality already present there.

It’s time to welcome the Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bladeless Fan, which is surprising for being over a meter high. Also power, a small screen, a WiFi connection and a remote control to control its operation. As usual with the Chinese manufacturer, its price is very affordable. Let’s find out all the features of the new Xiaomi product.

Purifier and fan, all in one device

Xiaomi purifier in a living room

Xiaomi has a new purifier over a meter high.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bladeless Fan is the new air purifying fan the company. The fact that it is two devices in one is striking, which makes it perfect for the home, especially for the summer. As reported Gizmochinait can filter 80-90 nanometer particles with a 99.96% efficiencyThis will quickly improve air quality.

It is a powerful device, which can move air at a speed up to 15.5 m/s, thus obtaining a flow rate of up to 1,700 m3/s. He also has a antibacterial and antiviral coating, so that the bacteria and viruses that remain in the filter do not pose any danger to health. As always, this filter should be cleaned from time to time.

Xiaomi air purifiers: these are the best you can buy right now

This air purifying fan is very complete. In addition to everything mentioned, it also has a special design for reduce the noise it emits, so you can also use it at night without being inconvenient. On the other hand, it also incorporates a temperature and humidity meter.

You can use it without getting up from the couch or bed, as it comes with a remote control that allows us to turn it on, off or control its power remotely. If we look at its front face, we find a small screen this allows us to see various data, such as the temperature that we talked about earlier.

Xiaomi Purifier Screen and Control

Xiaomi’s new fan-purifier comes with a remote control.

We are facing a smart device with Wi-Fi connectivity, which facilitates its control also through the mobile phone. Attention, you can also control its operation through the voice.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Bladeless Fan has gone on sale in China with a price of 1,299 yuan, about 186 euros To change. At the moment it can be purchased on YouPin, the Xiaomi store in the Chinese country. We will have to wait to see if the Chinese manufacturer decides to launch it in other markets.

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