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Crunchyroll is the platform streaming to watch the most important anime of today, in which many series are published, such as Shingeki no Kyojin Where Kimetsu no Yaiba an hour apart from its broadcast in Japan. He currently has various subscription plans, but it also offers a service that allows you to watch new anime episodes for free just one week after they premiere. This service was currently supported by advertising, however this situation will change in the coming weeks.

According to an official statement published on the platform’s website, it will no longer be possible to see the previews of the season of Spring 2022 for free, not even a week later. Users who want to do so, must buy a subscription monthly or yearly.

new episodes of long distance seriesWhat a play Where Boruto. However, this new policy does not affect previously released episodes of any of the series.



Free episode samples

The platform will follow a new strategy to publicize its premieres in the spring of 2022. With it, only the first three episodes of several anime series can be seen for free, one week after its premiere and with advertising, as before, but from then on you will have to pay a subscription. Users will be able to view these sample episodes Until May 31.

The titles concerned for this new strategy are:

Spy x Family

A couple of cuckoo clocks

The Witch’s Dawn

Tomodachi Game

Skeleton knight in another world

Shikimori is not just a cutie

The greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical person

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