Items on Aliexpress that you should buy now

It looks like it’s time to stock up on Aliexpress. While in the stores of unpretentious goods they ask for fabulous money, everything on Ali fell in price, and noticeably. Yes, even with a high dollar exchange rate, you can find a bunch of suitable goods here, but now that the dollar has fallen below 90 rubles, if I were you, I would run faster and faster to buy everything I wanted to take for a long time. Well, we invite you to take a look at cool products from Aliexpress, which you would gladly buy yourself. Today’s selection includes an iPhone case, an anti-theft card holder and a few other cool gadgets.

It’s time to stock up on cool stuff with Ali. Don’t ask why.

I thank the Telegram channel of our friends for the selection. In Ali Baba’s Chest you will find only the best products from AliExpress, which the guys have checked themselves. To be honest, I often steal a few spots from their selection. Come, watch, subscribe!

cheap iphone cases

One of the best cases I have ever seen. A classic plain case without unnecessary details and other foils such as plastic inserts. The only thing that sets it apart is a small smile at the bottom with a modest “good luck” inscription. Turns out you kill two birds with one stone: you won’t get lost in the crowd and your phone won’t look like a parrot.

Protective properties are also in order here. First, the bezels on the case protrude slightly from the edges of the screen, which will help protect the screen from drops. Secondly, camera protection is nowhere without it now because iPhone repair can cost you a pretty penny.

Product Rating 5, Reviews 7, Orders 39.

A great iPhone case without the extra bells and whistles.

Price: 201 rubles

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Sleep mask with bluetooth headset

Recently, everyone has been fired up with the idea of ​​investing. I think you have noticed the tendency to buy shares of Russian companies and Apple technology at low prices. But few people remember that the best investment is an investment in health. Yes, money can’t buy good sleep, but you can buy a mask.

Falling asleep in headphones is such an idea, but snuggling up in a mask is just the thing. This scheme is simple – connect the device to the iPhone, put such a thing on your eyes and enjoy nature music from the meditation app. I don’t recommend wearing it at night, but it’s perfect for sleeping during the day.

Product Rating 4.9, Reviews 22, Orders 63.

This mask will help you relax and fall asleep like a baby.

Price: 1233 rubles

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Power Bank for Apple Watch

Not for a red word, I would say this is the best accessory for the Apple Watch. As soon as we put the suspenders in the selection, for some reason, everyone rushes to them, like paper in the stores. And since we’re recommending something really cool, not everyone agrees. Friends, think again!

With autonomy, the Apple Watch has had problems since its release. For example, my watch barely lasts a day. Our readers have an average lifespan of about two days. Well, you see, it’s not. Therefore, I suggest you take such a contraption and forget about the problem of charging your Apple Watch forever. They put it in a bag and went where they needed to go. The smart watch sat down – put it on the power bank, charge it, take it out. The beauty!

The battery capacity of such a thing is 1400 mAh, which will allow fully charge the watch twice. A charging time is 1.5 hours.

Product Rating 4.9, Reviews 321, Orders 1310.

Don’t buy a bunch of straps, buy a power bank instead.

Price: 1116 rubles

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Anti-theft card holder

Not there, but constantly on my mind – that’s how I think of Apple Pay not working for the past few days. Admit it, do you also take out your pocket to pay for the purchase with your phone? We’ve all gotten out of the habit of carrying maps with us, but you have to, you can’t do anything.

When we told you how to pay by phone without apple paymany readers said they weren’t going to ride cardholders on iphone. Like, anything but that. Too much such a design disfigures the smartphone.

Alright, I heard you. don’t want to take Wallet with MagSafe, take this little thing. The main task of this card holder is to protect your cards from accidental radiation. I think many have heard of scammers who go to public places and put tags on bags and pockets.

Of the additional advantages – you can take a few cards with you at once and not think about which pocket you threw one into. It’s cool that the goods are not sold individually, but in packs of 5 pieces or more. You can keep a few crates for yourself and distribute the rest to your neighbors.

Product Rating 4.9, Reviews 1988, Orders 3265.

A cool card holder to keep your funds safe.

Price: from 78 rubles for 5 pieces.

Buy cardholder with protection

Frosted glass for iPhone

Spring has arrived, which means that it becomes almost impossible to look at the smartphone screen on the street. Seeing something on an iPhone in the sun is so hard. Therefore, I suggest you buy frosted glass on iPhone and forget about these problems.

The protective accessory does its job brilliantly – and the screen protects against drops, leaves no fingerprints and no glare. I think you should take it! There aren’t many reviews, but most of them are from Russian buyers who won’t give five stars for nothing, rest assured.

The glass is suitable for all iPhone models, starting with the iPhone 6. Two cloths (one dry, the other wet) are included with the product to stick the accessory on without unnecessary bubbles or stains.

Product Rating 5.0, Reviews 5, Orders 41.

Frosted glass is a spring staple.

Price: from 136 rubles

Buy glass for iPhone

Cartoon AirPods Case

If you’ve been looking for a cool case for your AirPods for a long time, I recommend this one. Suitable for everyone – children, teenagers and adults. Why this one? There are two reasons.

First, the cartoon case protects the headphones better than anyone else. I won’t even prove anything here, time-tested. Secondly, it is the best option for this kind of case. Bright, eye-catching, eye-catching – call it what you want. There are many similar cases on Ali, but none can compare to this one. The rest is nothing.

This cover is suitable for both adults and children.

Price: from 152 rubles

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