It’s aphasia, the disease for which Bruce Willis is retiring

The daughter of Bruce Willis has just announced the withdrawal of his father from the cinema due to an illness which affects him ability to speakr. It is aphasiaa disorder associated with injury to the areas of the brain that control language. These injuries can have different origins and, in addition, occur in different places, which makes the symptoms very varied, always with the cSpoken, written, read or even gestural communication as a common factor.

In Spain they are registered every year 25,000 new cases and in the United States, where Bruce Willis lives, 180,000. It is therefore a fairly common disease, especially in patients who have suffered cerebrovascular accidents such as cerebrovascular accidents.

Although this could also be the consequence of a tumor or be associated with infections cerebral or illnesses like multiple sclerosis or Alzheimer’s. Details on Bruce Willis’ situation have not been released. It makes sense that the family would want this to be part of their privacy. They just gave the right information for the world to understand why a star of his caliber decided to leave the profession so soon. And that makes sense, because people with aphasia have great difficulty communicating, forming coherent sentences, or understanding what they’re reading. Unfortunately, memorizing a script or stepping into a conversation can be a very difficult task for him.

What types of aphasia are there?

Although aphasia can be classified in different ways, it is more common to start by separating it into two groups, depending on whether it is fluent or non-fluent aphasia.

In the first the comprehensive language is less well preserved than expressive and in the second, the opposite occurs. Therefore, when fluent, patients find it more difficult to understand what they hear than to speak their own sentences, while non-fluent aphasics can understand what another person is saying to them quite well, but they have a lot of trouble communicating.